John McIntire was ''squeamish'' about doing television before he starred in ''Wagon Train''

McIntire wasn't too sure he wanted to get into that saddle.


In order to become a better person, you're going to have to spend some time growing. The bad news is that sometimes, growing can be uncomfortable at times. You may find yourself greeting new situations and challenges, which means there's a better chance that you'll feel scared and unsure of yourself. If you can stomach that discomfort and face that fear, you're well on your way to happiness and success.

Before he appeared on television, John McIntire was a radio man, through and through. McIntire had appeared in programs like Tarzan and the Diamond of Asher before he moseyed his way into television. McIntire's most notable role on screen was that of Christopher Hale.

It was a transition that many were nervous about, considering that McIntire's character was introduced as a sort of replacement to Ward Bond's wagonmaster Seth Adams. After Bond's passing, McIntire agreed to take on the role, and Christopher Hale was brought onto the series to the delight of viewers everywhere.

However, McIntire wasn't without his own reservations about taking on the role. "I'll admit I was pretty squeamish about it at first," McIntire said to the Hartford Courant, not about Wagon Train, but about television as a whole. "I didn't think you could get an audience to sit still that long."

However, McIntire came to his senses once he was able to see the good fortune that television brought. "With the success these movies have been having on TV, maybe I was wrong," he said. "I usually am. I'm the die-hard who didn't think TV would ever catch on back in the days of radio."

Soon McIntire was able to adapt to the ever-changing beast that was television. "It's quite a challenge - exciting, like starting a whole new show."

So while change was strange and frightening at first, McIntire was able to gain a whole new career out of it.

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BorisK 5 days ago
My favorite John McIntire role is as Sheriff Chambers in Psycho. Small part, but perfect for the story -- a little country, a little bit small town type, but still the man in charge ... and he knows (he thinks, anyway) all about Norman Bates.
MrsPhilHarris 1 month ago
I prefer Ward Bond episodes.
BorisK MrsPhilHarris 5 days ago
Are you really Alice Faye?
MrsPhilHarris BorisK 5 days ago
Lol I think Alice has been gone a long time but yes that is who I meant when I picked the name MrsPhilHarris. Their old time radio show is pretty funny.
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