Meet your new travel buddy, Traveling Toony!

Toony's out of the tank and being spotted by Toon In With Me fans all over!

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Meet Traveling Toony!
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Attention all travel enthusiasts! Introducing Traveling Toony, the donut-loving host who, with your help, is embarking on an epic journey!

To get started, check out the Traveling Toony page and download the Traveling Toony image. Once you have it printed and cut out, you're all set to capture moments with your new travel buddy. From scenic landscapes to famous landmarks, Toony will be there by your side, adding his rugged charm to your adventures.

After your trip, visit the Traveling Toony page once more, and you'll find a dedicated section where you can upload and showcase your cherished Toony memories.

MeTV might even feature your photo!

So pack your bags (and some donuts) and take Toony with you on your next adventure!

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