MeTV remembers Robert Clary with some of LeBeau's best 'Hogan Heroes' episodes

Tune in as we remember Cpl. LeBeau, November 21-23 at 10P | 9C.

MeTV remembers French actor and singer Robert Clary with special episodes of Hogan’s Heroes showcasing his memorable character, Corporal LeBeau.

CBS’ Hogan’s Heroes aired over six seasons from September 1965 to April 1971 and followed an international group of Allied prisoners of war in a covert operation to defeat the Nazis from inside the Luft Stalag 13 camp. Clary portrayed French POW Cpl. Louis LeBeau. He was the last surviving member of the show’s original principal cast.

Born in Paris as the youngest of 14 children in an Orthodox Jewish family, Clary was deported to a Nazi concentration camp as a teenager during World War II. He was the only one of his captured family to survive the war, and later credited his survival to his ability to dance and sing, which kept the German troops entertained.

We'll be celebrating Clary's life with some of the fan-favorite best episodes of Hogan's Heroes that highlight Cpl. LeBeau, Nov. 21-23 at 10P | 9C.

November 21st

10P | 9C  - “Lebreau and the Little Old Lady" - LeBeau says that he keeps rendezvousing with a little old lady who is actually young and beautiful.
10:30P | 9:30C  - “Gowns by Yvette” - Burkhalter's niece is getting married and by having LeBeau design her wedding gown, Hogan is going to contact an underground agent, and later free him after capture by the Gestapo.

November 22nd

10P | 9C - “Man in a Box” - Hogan is hot on the trail of capturing LeBeau, but not too quickly since he has a mission to complete.
10:30P | 9:30C - “Cuisine a la Stalag 13” - LeBeau wants to escape, leaving Stalag 13 without its resident chef.

November 23rd

10P | 9C - “The Scientist” - Corporal LeBeau pretends to be a visiting French scientist while Hogan smuggles out the real one.
10:30P | 9:30C - “The Gypsy” - LeBeau is passed off as a Gypsy fortune teller to help get a radar countermeasure device to London.

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katlovemetv 20 months ago
What a great show!!! I am sorry to see our LeBeau go but loved him on the show…glad we are able to watch these wonderful actors on MeTV!

RIP our French Chef!!!
Coldnorth 20 months ago
Loved watching him in Hogan’s Heroes. He was the best . Always bribing Schultz with strudel. He was even good on the Soaps. A very talented man.
RLedford 20 months ago
RIP to The Little One - Louie LaBeau (Robert Clary) the last survivor of the Wonderful Hogan’s Heroes series — Hogan’s Heroes IS CLASSIC — please 🙏 Keep Showing the Classic Series 🙏🫵🫵👁️👁️✝️👍
CecilMJames1 20 months ago
I believe 4 of his brothers and sisters are alive still living in France.
RkBke 20 months ago
A bit of semi-canonical post-war history: Hogan and his men were freed after Germany surrendered—Hogan returned to the US to a hero’s welcome, was made a general and later married Klink’s secretary Hilda. Hogan used his connections and influence to prevent Klink and Schultz from being prosecuted for war crimes, in part, because they were Luftwaffe, not Nazi and because, despite their threats to do so, neither one ever had a POW killed. Schultz converted his factory back to toy production and he had pity on Klink and gave him a job as his bookkeeper. Years later, Hogan received a package from Germany; a book by Wilhelm Klink that told of his experiences during the war and the man he respected the most. Klink claimed that he was never loyal to the Third Reich, he knew (Hogan’s operation) about the tunnels, the sabotage attempts and of most of the antics of Col. Hogan and the boys. He played dumb and allowed it all to happen in order to do his part to bring down Hitler from within. Hogan was never sure if his former foe was telling the truth or not, but was quite flattered by the book’s title: Hogan’s Heroes.
pressman1965 RkBke 20 months ago
Great ending scenario one of my all-time favorite shows
Hogan504 RkBke 13 months ago
I've heard this ending many times before, with one source even claiming that it was written for the show before it's cancellation. Where did you hear of this ending? I'm dying to know its origin!
Snickers 20 months ago
Last one in a amazing cast. R.I.P Robert.
RS1515 Snickers 20 months ago
Yup, Last one from the original cast.
Snickers RS1515 20 months ago
I hear that Kenneth Washington who played Sargent Baker in the final season is still alive.
ENCarlan Snickers 20 months ago
He is. So is Nita Talbot who played Marya in recurring guest appearances.
Snickers ENCarlan 20 months ago
I just saw her in an old episode of Kolchak the Night Stalker. It was the "Werewolf" episode where she was a passenger on a cruise ship.
bagandwallyfan52 20 months ago
Was the Bob Crane MYSTERY or the
This isn't a relevant topic, but I will say there is speculation that Reeves didn't commit suicide but was the victim of a mob hit!
MichaelSkaggs cperrynaples 20 months ago
Accident, then everyone freaked out believing it was a suicide or murder.
Barry22 bagandwallyfan52 20 months ago
I think the Crane case was, not George Reeves. Watch the movie Hollywood Land, it's not entirely factual, but it's pretty good.
Neither was solved
Mustang68 cperrynaples 20 months ago
the story goes it was new years eve at a party George Reeves decided he was going to bed for the evening then a fight broke out in the bed room then a shot went off George Reeves was dead the guy made the scene look like a suicide. the crowd downstairs were told not to say anything .rumor has it that George was messing with another mans wife that same man had a mistress of his own.George Reeves was supposed to get married soon why would a man commit suicide if he was getting married .thats how i remember this story happening.
BrittReid cperrynaples 20 months ago
Reeves was killed by a .9mm German Luger .
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