Start the new year with animation classics in MeTV's Cartoon Kick-Off Show

Tune in on January 1 and 2 to see some of the best cartoon shorts of all time!

There's a saying you hear a lot around this time of year: "New year, new you." Well, make that New Year, New MeTV!

In case you haven't heard, cartoons are finally here on MeTV! You asked, we heard. Now, you can tune in to see classic cartoon shorts six days a week at 7AM | 6C! We're talking Bugs Bunny, Tom & Jerry, Popeye, Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote… the greats.

Weekdays, watch Bill the Cartoon Curator and Toony the Tuna (not to mention their many friends) as they present an hour of their favorites on Toon In With Me. Then, on Saturdays, relive those golden days as you wake up with Saturday Morning Cartoons — for three full hours! That means Popeye and Pals (7AM | 6C), The Tom and Jerry Show (8AM | 7C), and Bugs Bunny and Friends (9AM | 8C).

But we are getting ahead of ourselves! Before all that, tune in for the Cartoon Kick-Off Show on Friday, January 1 at 9PM | 8C, and Saturday, January 2 at 7PM | 6C!

We're kicking off with some of the best cartoons in animation history. Here's what you will see:

January 1, 9PM | 8C

"What's Opera, Doc?" — "Kill the wabbit! Kill the wabbit!" Elmer Fudd turns Viking on Bugs Bunny in this spoof Wagner operas!

"The Screwy Truant" — Visionary director Tex Avery delights with his Screwy Squirrel.

"Duck Amuck" — Daffy Duck breaks the fourth wall and argues with his animator in this pioneering gem.

"Northwest Hounded Police" — Droopy heads to Canada.

"Customers Wanted" — Popeye fights Bluto… and Wimpy looks to profit.

"One Froggy Evening" — The rare but beloved Michigan J. Frog sings, "Hello, ma baby!"

January 2, 7PM | 6C

"Rabbit Seasoning" — Duck season! Rabbit season! It's all the same to Elmer.

"Bad Luck Blackie" — This Tex Avery short was voted the 15th-best cartoon of all-time.

"Duck Dodgers In The 24 1/2th Century" — Daffy Duck heads to space in this Buck Rogers spoof!

"Daredevil Droopy" — Droopy joins the circus!

"Cat Concerto" — Tom plays the piano — and Jerry plays Tom — in this Oscar-winning short!

"What's up, Doc?" — Bugs looks back on his career and fame.

Watch Toon In With Me on MeTV!

One Full Hour

Weekdays at 7 AM

*available in most MeTV markets
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NateTheNotorious2001 35 months ago
I hope at some point we’ll get some more Fleischer and Famous Studios cartoons (Color Classics, Noveltoons, Little Lulu, etc.). I know those are a bit more obscure to the general public so it’s a little less likely to happen but those cartoons are truly underrated. Now that it’s clear that people actually want to see these cartoons maybe Paramount will finally air them on TV again.
CcyblisSketch 36 months ago
hi, there was an cartoon (maybe this week) with a couple of buses that have a baby bus which have an turbo engine . how is called?
ANW97 37 months ago
They shoulda have The Cartoon Kick Show coming out on DVD.
Grynch_84 40 months ago
MeTV, you continue to be hypocrites. You won't air S1-14 The Prowler of the Flintstones, but you'll air Tweety and the Beanstalk. The Flintstones act Japanese for a few seconds and so does Tweety. Both should be aired without issue. You continue to weave back and forth of the PC line. Poor effort.
Ashley000076 41 months ago
The Popeye cartoons are my favorites, and I also love the Warner Brothers cartoons, but not the Tom & Jerry/MGM cartoons. I wish you could replace them with the Woody Woodpecker/Walter Lantz cartoons!
Tomeaton 42 months ago
I wish you guys had cartoons on Sunday to
LittleMissNoName Tomeaton 41 months ago
The Flintstones come on every Sunday at 10:00am est for 2hrs.
Bugzytigger 42 months ago
P.s. I watch 3 classics stations as well METV, ANTENNA TV, AND GET TV:) even though I have spectrum tv ,I'd rather watch these! Thank you METV!!!!!!! God bless y'all!! And remember JESUS CHRIST IS ALIVE!!
Bugzytigger 42 months ago
RonLavalleeJr 42 months ago
So happy there's finally classic cartoons on antenna TV! Love the interaction between Mrs. Goldie Fisher and Bill, the Cartoon Curator and Toony's babysitter...a little confused if the Big Cahuna is her boyfriend or husband...but fun finding out (adds another dimension to watching)!
superdonwu 42 months ago
I'm glad to see these cartoons but as an older guy I can remember the little scenes that were now edited for content. I suppose the only way to see them truly restored is to get them on dvd
Alantv 42 months ago
Love the Saturday morning cartoons it's been a long time lots of good memories!
lornegreen 42 months ago
Found the Saturday morning cartoons
And for a few minutes I was 7 years old again
Loved it
KevinButler 42 months ago
They should have at least hit this guy..with a pie..or have that fish puppet hurls some wise cracks at him(as long as they're not risqué' or very vulgar)..but..all they did during that special show..was mention the series debut on Monday Morning..Joe.
Pacificsun KevinButler 42 months ago
Come 'on, they have the Three Stooges for all that.
Granted, don't over-promo a good thing. But ya'all want these cartoons to stick around, right?
JoeGuenther 42 months ago
Real excited about your new show and the saturday cartoons sans Popeye. I do like his chicken though.
Barry22 42 months ago
Was able to watch the first two hours this morning, really enjoyed it. Some of these I haven't seen in decades. Missed the kick-off show from last night.
Gener66 42 months ago
Not a big fan of Betty Boop or Popeye cartoons but love the Looney tunes, thanks for airing these shows. I'm 54 and would love to see some the cartoons from the early to mid 70s.
JoeGuenther Gener66 42 months ago
Plenty of cartoons from non H-B/Warner Bros. I'd have a half devoted to "lost" cartoons from Filmation,Jay Ward,Total Television,Terrytoons,and Depatie-Freleng and sixties Lone Ranger and Courageous Cat. Why no cereal commercials or classic toy commercials.
Texasrocks7 42 months ago
I mentioned this below but PLEASE procure some new sponsors! There’s nothing more depressing than suffering thru all these commercials for health issues and other depressing topics. Not to mention you’re stereotyping the 50 and up crowd. Surely you can find something else.
JoeGuenther Texasrocks7 42 months ago
Got that right. Tell Jonathan to take a hike. I bet cereal companies would love to sponsor these cartoons.
Pacificsun Texasrocks7 42 months ago
THAT is pretty funny 😉
The only reason cartoons are being show at all is because it was an advertising draw! Sponsors buy time on (either) the most popular shows, or the best bets demonstrated in other markets.
Commercials are a great opportunity to pour another cup of coffee, check the weather, or mute the TV.
BCSCHEPS Texasrocks7 42 months ago
Let us NOT complain about the SPONSORS who support the RE-AIRING of these long-lost and highly requested cartoons back on 'the air.' Without these sponsors, we wouldn't be re-enjoying these classic animations-revived!
The older people, together with their grandkids will be watching these cartoons anew...and these sponsors were well-selected for the viewers likely to be tuning in (and please cease the "stereotyping" lingo...which has undoubtedly been keeping many OTHER classic shows off the air for decades, not to mention its interference with efficient law-enforcement by police, to keep the non-law-breakers safe on the streets).
KevinButler 42 months ago
That guy..Bill is a jerk..He did nothing more than non stop promoting of the show's debut on Monday Morning..there was no funny comedic banter..between him and that fish puppet(when I watched promos for new kids tv shows..either on the networks or? on a local station like WNEW TV Ch.5 in NYC)..the host/performer and the puppets would perform alot of truly creative and funny skits..inbetween the films. This show didn't have any of that..and I can sadly imagine what the new series"All Tooned In"will be like this Monday morning:January 4,2021.
JoeGuenther KevinButler 42 months ago
I think Bill should borrow ideas from old kids shows. Would love to see Bill get pelted with ping pong balls.
VaughnBaskin KevinButler 42 months ago
No way Kevin, because Billy Lief is being himself, as the host of Toon In With Me!
CouchPotato19 KevinButler 42 months ago
I agree with you. Unfortunately, Bill is just not that funny of a comedian, even back on WGN radio. He seems embarrassed to be doing this. Which he may well be.
MadMadMadWorld 42 months ago
I was not allowed to see the cartoons for that first hour on New Year's Day! The network showed a message saying there were technical difficulties in broadcasting that lasted for hours until 2+ hours after it was over! I wish someone would explain why for the first time I can recall, the network failed to broadcast their transmission, for over 3 hours!
Pacificsun MadMadMadWorld 42 months ago
Not all these comments are caught by "MeTV" so the best place to communicate your concern is through the "Contact Us" form (template). With that they are VERY good about responding.

You should find out whether (by network) you mean your local station carrying MeTV programming, or the cable provider (like Comcast or Spectrum) or the package provided by MeTV, was at fault.

If it's an affiliate network problem (like NBC) and you get no response, you can copy the FCC. But wait until you can blame the appropriate party.
MadMadMadWorld Pacificsun 42 months ago
If most others saw it, then it must have been through my cable provider, Spectrum. Thanks for the info.
Pacificsun 42 months ago
I'm happy that MeTV fans got their wish granted for well deserved cartoons! This is a quality entry into an already very entertaining schedule. Thank you!

Just hoping not all the written stories are going to be about cartoons. There's a lot of TV out there. And so far the MeTV Staff writers have been doing such a great job with their "Deep Dive" approach to classic TV.
lynngdance Pacificsun 42 months ago
lynngdance lynngdance 42 months ago
Pay no attention to the 01/08/2021 I got the date wrong 😆 it’s actually this Sunday
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