The Addams Family tree expanded due to Cousin Itt's popularity

Do you remember Aunt Trivia and Cousin Crimp?

In the first season of The Addams Family, Cousin Itt appears a few times, with Gomez acting as a translator for his high-pitched, indiscernible speaking voice.

This cousin character, with his long hair that covers him from head to toe and his little hat with round sunglasses, became one of the most popular members of the extended Addams Family. By the second season, the family had built him his own room to scale.

From that point on, Cousin Itt was at the Addams manor to stay, becoming a regular cast member whom audiences expected and delighted to see featured more often through the show's second season.

In 1965, Morticia Addams actor Carolyn Jones wrote a guest column for The Morning-Record Journal where she discussed how The Addams Family was expanding in the second season, hinting at cousins to come who were even stranger than Cousin Itt — and perhaps didn't fit in so well in Morticia Addams' elite sphere.

"I'm no snob, mind you, but I do have just enough pride in my personal ancestry to wonder why I'm inheriting such a flock of dingbats as relatives of Morticia Addams," Jones wrote.

"The Addams population explosion also will include such sterling characters as Aunt Trivia, Grandpa Squint, Aunt Bloop, and assorted cousins named Crimp, Rancid, Flub and Cringe," she confirmed. She also teased an "invisible boy" named Woodrow who would become Wednesday's best pal.

Alas, unlike Cousin Itt, most of these characters like Aunt Trivia and Cousin Cringe would remain unseen, merely mentioned in the scripts. (The imprisoned Cousin Cringe eats a hacksaw baked into a cake, we learn.) We do, at least, at last, get a tantalizing glimpse of Cousin Cringe late in season two in "Lurch's Little Helper," when Morticia paints this portrait of her two-headed relative:

For Morticia, who sees herself as more dignified, Jones said this parade of oddballs made her more of a misfit in her own home.

"Morticia is a patrician, prideful creature who, come Fall, will discover her maiden name was Frump and that she has had an unmarried sister named Ophelia, a stringy-haired blonde who wears a garland of buttercups in her hair and spouts Shakespeare while sliding down the banister of Addams manor."

Of course, Jones was cast to also play Morticia's sister Ophelia, and in the column, she gave readers a peek at how this second role would stylistically be "a departure" for her.

"What really horrifies me is that Ophelia breaks tradition by wearing knee-length black dresses," Jones said. "I've taken particular pride in being able to master Morticia's form-fitting, ankle-length gowns."

"Among her other eccentricities is a proficiency in karate and judo, and a facility to talk backwards," Jones said of Ophelia, joking, "It is highly probable that Ophelia's reverse conversation will impel Cousin Itt to articulate in understandable English."

Starting with the second season, the audience required twice as much translation as the garbling Addams Family continued growing, with each "ooky" new addition introducing new quirks. Who's your favorite member of the extended Addams Family?

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vinman63 20 months ago
Not sure why the history books will not acknowledge Great Aunt Singe was burned at Salem.
Constantine 20 months ago
Granny Frump, hands down was my favorite family member...
tootsieg 20 months ago
Cousin Itt is my favorite. In one episode, Itt needs to find a job and Gomez suggests Itt join The Beatles. So funny.
bagandwallyfan52 20 months ago
Spanish Flea by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass .
Moverfan 20 months ago
Actually, Miss Ophelia doesn't wear buttercups in her hair...they grow there (and I thought they were daisies).
vinman63 Moverfan 20 months ago
Carolyn Jones must have loved those Orphelia outfits probably less clingy than the Morticia ones.
Mark057 31 months ago
Response to Both Steve126 and Stephanitavr5 and all others interested. Mash was modeled after the fact We had Troops in Vietnam. They were not treated as war heros' when the war ended. Boos and trash and Threating crowds greeted them at airports. This Song closely reminds Us that they risked their lives for 10 long years and not offered any jobs. Many not only killed them selves thinking that war would never end, But also after the war ended their pain continued because of lack of Medical treatment (VA was not started to help them) and Hate the Public shown them continued the Suicides after the Veitnam War. Imagine the Pain and Anguish. For them facing death for 10 years. Suicide was Painless.
Pacificsun Mark057 20 months ago
May I respectfully suggest this comment (for the sake of conversation) might benefit from being located under the MASH 50th Anniversary Thread. Which begins with the URL below. And will take you right there. There are tons of stories and quizzes for all MASH fans especially in celebration of that anniversary!

What you have to say, rightfully appropriate, is kind of lost here under an Addam's Family chat.
madvincent Pacificsun 20 months ago
mark057 and steph haven't been on here for at least 10 months.....steph was always contributing to the story's but hasn't in almost a year hopefully she's ok........
33 months ago
Cousin Itt was always my favorite. Then Ophelia.
MarkJohnAstolfi 36 months ago
Perfect example of how TV shows mangle the concepts of kinship and genealogy. Morticia isn't an Addams, she's a Frump. Herman's ancestors are not her ancestors. Which is not to say you can't be proud of your in-laws, but she acts like she really is an Addams, which is not what marriage does.
Pacificsun 36 months ago
There will never be days again like what the Addams Family gave us. That Ms. Jones would create a column with such (wink) fun in it, is incredible and so special! The show only ran two years, and it should've gone on much longer. But my hunch is the writers ran out of gimmicks. That's okay. They squeezed more out of one half hours than a season on some trash that's currently on TV. To be novel and full of conviction like those actors and creators is rare. And it was evident by everything they touched.

Thank you for sharing this story!
Nikkidear 36 months ago
It was a hacksaw baked into a pie not a cake. Just watched that episode.
vinman63 36 months ago
Grandma Singe the only witch burned at Salem.
harlow1313 vinman63 36 months ago
She had turned my ancestor into a newt.
vinman63 harlow1313 36 months ago
Did he get better?
harlow1313 vinman63 36 months ago
Sadly, no. I have a reptilian tail.
LoveMETV22 harlow1313 20 months ago
That screams Monty Python
harlow1313 36 months ago
I should have such interesting relatives. The oddest character in our family tree was Uncle Jack, who could wiggle his ears. Sigh.
LoveMETV22 36 months ago
Interesting article. I guess two heads are better than one.
cperrynaples LoveMETV22 36 months ago
Yes, and now we know who the first bigender was....LOL!
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