The ''Stranger'' of Mayberry later became of mayor of 'Newhart'

Really, Floyd the Barber was the true stranger in this tale.

They teach you at a young age to beware of "stranger danger." The citizens of Mayberry, particularly Deputy Barney Fife, take that credo to extremes in "Stranger in Town," one of the earliest episodes of The Andy Griffith Show

A nice fellow named Ed Sawyer shows up in town… but is he perhaps too nice? Ol' Ed seems to know everything about everyone in Mayberry, and it's giving folks the willies. It turns out, the man, like many of us, was merely a big fan of Mayberry and subscribed to the newspaper. He learned everybody's business through small-town journalism.

A relative newcomer named William Lanteau portrayed Ed Sawyer. The actor only had a couple of credits to his name at the time, but he would remain a presence on television for decades.

His other notable role was one of his last — that of Chester Wanamaker on Newhart. Mayor Wanamaker ran the small Vermont hamlet in which Dick Loudon (Bob Newhart) lived. You might not have matched the Andy Griffith character with this elder fellow because of the glasses — and, well, the intervening years.

So, he wasn't a stranger at all. Really, the only "stranger" that stands out in "Stranger in Town" is a familiar name! Floyd the Barber!

Yep, this is the one episode in which a different actor played Floyd the Barber. It also happened to be the character's debut. Walter Baldwin filled the role for just this single episode. He later went on to play Grandpappy Miller on Petticoat Junction

In hindsight, he's truly the most shockingly unfamiliar face in Mayberry for that story!

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JenniferSweitzer 23 months ago
I think he was also the lake mail delivery guy, Charlie Mackinoli in the movie, "On Golden Pond".
MichaelSkaggs 44 months ago
It was perfect for him to be the mayor of the Vermont town on "Newhart". He really was from Vermont!!
Mark091 44 months ago
I have a question about ED SAWYER
Since ED SAWYER said that he was going to move to Mayberry and that
Mayberry was his Hometown then
Viewers have to assume that Ed Sawyer did move to Mayberry
If that's the case then were was
Ed Sawyer hiding in Mayberry for
The next 8 years ?
How come Ed Sawyer and Lucy Mathews only appeared in one
Episode only Why didn't the producers and writers make Ed
Sawyer and Lucy Mathews regulars
On the show?
Lucy Mathews was played by
Marlene Willis
Moverfan 44 months ago
While I'm glad Mr. Lanteau had such a long career, I quit watching Newhart early in the second season. Apparently nobody told Stephanie the stuck-up idiot bimbo that she was hired as a maid or was willing to point it out to her...or just haul off and belt her I found other programs where the characters were actually thinking feeling human beings.
Ronnie1219 45 months ago
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kimmer 45 months ago
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Kenner 45 months ago
RIP Mr. Lanteau passed in 1993 age 70.
Br0ther1KB 45 months ago
Hey this isn't a quiz! Musta been that left Toin at AlbuhKoikey?
edna45678928 45 months ago
Do you know the late Constance Ford played in Perry Mason Episode last night "THE CASE OF DEADLY DOUBLE" and former star from " THE Dukes of Hazard" Denver Pyle also in the episode!!
RIP Constance Ford and Denver Pyle.
justjeff 45 months ago
The ''Stranger'' of Mayberry later became of mayor of 'Newhart'... D-UH... I write headlines goodly much for MeTV! (Hint...Proofread!)
ELEANOR justjeff 45 months ago
Yes, you guys!! Please get your heads out of social media long enough to actually proofread what you've written!!
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