You missed references to The Munsters and Black Sheep Squadron in the first episode of Kolchak

Look for a famous mansion and famed pilot in "The Ripper."

Who knows what you might uncover as a reporter. Chicago journalist Carl Kolchak faced mummies, zombies, werewolves and witches. Following two hit made-for-TV horror movies, The Night Stalker (1972) and The Night Strangler (1973), the character at last got his own supernatural series with Kolchak: The Night Stalker in 1974. The show heavily influenced subsequent favorites like The X-Files

In the first episode, "The Ripper," Kolchak tracks down a serial killer who just might be the reincarnation of Jack the Ripper. His final showdown with the murderer takes place at a place familiar to any fan of classic monsters. It might be hard to recognize in the shadowy night. The Ripper is hiding out in the Munsters Mansion.

Savvy televisions will know that the Munsters' home was a structure on the Universal Studios lot. You can spot it in lots of unlikely places. Here it is in Leave It to Beaver, for example:

Even in the eerie twilight, you can see the true color of the house — a tannish, mustardy color — on Kolchak: The Night Stalker. Take a look at the porch in "The Ripper" and dressed up on The Munsters.

That color is indeed how it appears in the 1966 film Munster Go Home!


This is not the only nifty easter egg you can find in "The Ripper"!

Take a look at this moment from about 20 minutes into the episode, as Kolchak argues with his boss, Tony Vincenzo, played by Simon Oakland.

Check out the picture hanging on the wall. That is a portrait of Maj. Greg "Pappy" Boyington, famed aviator of World War II. They made a TV show about him, Black Sheep Squadron.

In fact, Simon Oakland was a regular cast member of Black Sheep Squadron! He portrayed Brig. Gen. Thomas Moore.

Oakland on 'Black Sheep Squadron'

On Kolchak, he acted in front of a hanging photograph of Pappy. On Black Sheep Squadron, he acted with the fake Pappy, Robert Conrad. 

See? There are indeed eerie things afoot on The Night Stalker.

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ll675i 40 months ago
Plus...the REAL Pappy Boyington was on Baa Baa Black Sheep several times in scenes with Simon Oakland.
Zip ll675i 34 months ago
I only remember him on once. Wasn't it when he played a visiting General who decorated Pappy(Robert Conrad) while the news cameras rolled? I loved Black Sheep Squadron!
Iescobar 44 months ago
Where's planet of the apes ? It was a good show will miss it.
Pacificsun 44 months ago
MeTV Staff: So why didn't you announce Kolchak as a "schedule change" instead of just a story about it? Trying to dodge an avalanche of comment reactions?? What difference does it make? I think we deserve to know the summary of schedule changes for the season in a PDF as you normally provide. Heaven knows, we're loyal enough viewers!!
texasluva 44 months ago
I guess either the Aliens got David Vincent or he red-lined them to what ever after-life they go to. They both had dozens of chances to off one another. So now it's Kolchak: The Night Stalker turn to battle the evil elements. There will be aplenty for him to match wits with. Careful where you tread or else it will be the last trek you take in this life. Vincent and the Aliens now take a back seat to the bottom of the heap (4 A.M.) my time. David will have to do it on his own now. I will be of no help whatsoever
Pacificsun texasluva 44 months ago
Well at least you have a sense of humor about the change. I think addressing Kolchak the way they have is dodging the bullet. Are they trying to dodge the bullet on an avalanche of comments? Come on, where's the seasonal change schedule (PDF) we normally get!!

Yeah the hours for your viewing pleasure, maybe not so much. But I'm used to this "overnight" stuff and just DVR things. I can not for the life of me understand why Three Stooges has 2 hours devoted to them, still!
Moonpie 44 months ago
Why is it that Hogan's Heroes can run for what seems like forever but The invaders had to be moved to the bowels of the night after only not even two runs!
AnnieM Moonpie 44 months ago
Most likely because HH had 168 episodes to Invaders 43. They probably figure the episodes come around again so often that people would get bored with them if they run them too many times, so they shelve them for awhile.
Pacificsun AnnieM 44 months ago
That makes a lot of sense. They're also looking at the makeup of the audience type. And HH is more mainstream than HH which is more straight comedy, although (IMO) The Invaders has been very suspenseful and well done. Too bad there weren't more episodes! It was a great show!!
jeopardyhead 44 months ago
"Savvy televisions will know..."?
Yankee413 44 months ago
Would like to see The Invaders stay but love Kolchak too, if The Invaders had to go, Kolchak is a good choice.
stephaniestavropoulos 44 months ago
For those of you who love lucy and haven't read {or even if you have, } read her autobiography or anything else about her, and get the REELZ channel: tomorrow night at 8pm e.t./5pm pac. there will be a documentary on her called: "We Love Lucy." They interviewed Carol Burnett, Debra Messing and Lily Tomlin. It sounds like they did a pretty extensive covering of her background. I'm going to have to remind my cable box to dvr it for me.
I realized this was the wrong page to place this info. But I thought as long as I was thinking about it, why not mention it. It's no different than those comments about how you can make a lot of $$, or whatever. At least my info. has something to do with television/entertainment.
The website {can't remember the name,} I read about this on, said 5pm pct. On REELZ website: 7 pm pct. As they say in Televisionland: "check time and channel in your area."
I can't stand Debra Messing or Lily Tomlin, so I'll have to pass on that one.
Thanks Stephanie! IMO there are plenty of ILL fans who appreciate the heads up. And IMO, such reminders can be posted anywhere. On another topic I was saying in other comments and threads, I can't understand why MeTV hasn't formally announced their schedule changes (as in a summary PDF). Like Heroes & Icon has.
Pacificsun denny 44 months ago
The only place I associate Lilly Tomlin with is Laugh-in which replaced an ill fated but beloved show in the day. Debra Messing should be a good enough actress to assume any role. But I guess not. Anything having to do with "Lucy" (if not done well) would be annoying. She was a complex personality, with both innate talent and excellent business intuition. Whoever portrays her, should do the legend justice.
Mike 44 months ago
In case you (or H&I) should ever repeat Black Sheep Squadron again.
Simon Oakland not only acted with the fake Pappy -
- he also acted with the real Pappy!
Greg "Pappy" Boyington made a couple of cameo appearances on Black Sheep, playing a Marine general; as memory serves, Oakland was in at least one of the scenes.
Check it out, if you dare ...
Pacificsun Mike 44 months ago
BSS an excellent show. It should have a more prominent position on any viewing schedule. I don't know why it doesn't get more credit than it does. Simon Oakland, a memorable actor. And yet I don't see many profiles through MeTV. Just those repetitive features on TAGS, Green Acres (and comedies), etc., etc.!
Snickers Pacificsun 31 months ago
Black Sheep squadron airs on H&I 7 P.M on Saturday night.
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