Meet Sheri Goldstrom: Inside the Collection

Jul. 19, 2020

Collecting antique cars has been a family affair for Sheri Goldstrom since she was a little girl. Sheri says she learned everything from her mother, who has since passed away, and her father, who she still consults on a daily basis.

About 15 years ago, she built a car museum in Las Vegas to show off their amazing collection, Nostalgia Street Rods. Goldstrom's sprawling garage holds everything from a 1918 dump truck to a Zamboni. In between, you'll find loads of Chevy and Ford hot rods.

We invited Chris Clyne, a close family friend of Sheri and the Goldstroms, who has his own massive collection of antique and hot-rod cars, to join us. Chris put a dollar amount on Sheri's collection — and also tried to trade a 1940 Ford for a very unique wheelchair.

1. 1932 Ford Three-Window Coupe

The ultimate model for any hot rod enthusiast, the '32 Ford was immortalized as the "Little Deuce Coupe." Sheri's dad is a Ford man through-and-through. He spent years putting together this red rod, which is worth about $100,000. 

2. 1932 Ford Engine

This Deuce Coupe carries a flathead engine.

3. 1949 Chevy Fastback

As we mentioned, Sheri's parents were split between Ford and Chevy loyalties. Let's keep the debate going — which do you prefer? This Silver Fastback is worth about $80,000.

4. 1956 Purple Chevy Fastback

Note how much the Chevy evolved in six years. Also, savor all that chrome. This eggplant beauty is also worth about $80,000.

5. 1956 Ford "Big Window"

So where does Sheri fall in the debate? Well, for what it's worth, she drove a '56 Ford in high school. This baby has nine coats of paint. Nine! The paint-job alone is worth about $20,000.

6. 1956 Ford Ornament

Take a closer look at this glossy finish. The vehicle is worth about $65,000.

7. 1918 Ford Model T Dump Truck

You had to get out and crank this iconic early automobile — in more ways than one.

8. 1918 Ford Dump Crank

To operate the dump bed of this Model T, you also had to turn a crank. Talk about an arm workout!

9. 1918 Ford Model T Ornament

We love the ornate hood ornament on this American legend. Our appraiser values the truck at about $20,000.

10. Hot Rod Wheelchair

Who says you have to go quietly into old age? This one-of-a-kind wheelchair comes equipped with a Cadillac Northstar engine. Vroom! It was a birthday present from Sheri's mother to her father.

11. Vegas Golden Knights Zamboni

Watch our episode to see Sheri's dad peeling out and dragging in a Zamboni.

12. 1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe

Our appraiser brought along this gorgeous black Ford for a trade.

13. 1940 Ford Grille

They don't make 'em like this anymore.

14. Fords Galore

Sheri's collection holds 250 cards and 50 semi trucks!

15. So what's it all worth?

Our appraiser values Sheri's collection between $5,000,000 and $10,000,000 — making it one of the most expensive collections we've seen on Collector's Call!

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