5 classic feuds between Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble

Whenever commotion could be heard in Bedrock, there's a good chance it's a feud between Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble.

It's no secret two of the closest neighbors in Bedrock butted heads from time to time. Well, maybe more than most neighbors do.

Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble are no strangers, as their houses made out of rock stood next to each other for six years in The Flintstones.

From reading the paper in the backyard to sharing a pool, these two didn't need much of a reason to clash, and it didn't take long for their prehistoric, tedious tendencies to come out in the show, starting in the first episode.

Here are five classic feuds between Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble.

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1. Let me enjoy my day off, Barney!


In the first actual episode of the series, "The Flintstone Flyer," Fred and Barney ultimately try to avoid going to the opera with their wives, opting for the bowling alley instead. Before the main plot unfolds, Fred is trying to enjoy a quiet day off reading The Daily Slate, but Barney and his hobby of choice that day, golf, are getting in the way. Startling Fred with a series of "Fores," Barney pinches the first nerve. Giving Barney a classic threat and warning to leave him alone, we get the very first look at the annoyed-version of Fred, back on the hammock saying, "2,500 people in Bedrock and I have pick this pebble-brain for a neighbor."

The line is crossed when the golf ball hits into Fred's tree, before falling into his jaw-dropped mouth! After attempting to play on, Fred ends up with the club, chasing Barney through the yard, and of course, taking a couple swings of his own! 

2. Barney unknowingly sabotages Fred with a fake mustache


Staying in the first episode of the series, what could've been an all-time tusssle between Fred and Barney never happened, as the two feared for their lives by the episode's end!

Fred and Barney all but get away with tricking their wives, nearly convincing them the two buddies have been at home while Fred was hurt, with Barney taking care of him. It was all a front as a way of getting out of seeing the opera, while in reality they were bowling for a Bedrock Championship. What they didn't realize is the bowling alley was right next to the opera show! The worried Wilma and Betty wanted to phone home to check on their husbands, with the nearest phone being in, you guessed it, the bowling alley!

A couple of fake mustaches prevent the wives from recognizing Fred and Barney at the alley. But with no answer at home, the wives leave the opera and rush back to check on Fred and Barney, who hop into Barney's newly-invented flight machine, ironically dubbed in the episode title, "The Flintstone Flyer," even though Barney built it!

They narrowly beat the wives home through the air, and their plan of trickery was set to work. That is until Barney turns around with his fake mustache from the bowling alley still on, letting everyone know where they had been. Fred only has time to say, "you dope!" to Barney before thier wives release their anger! If Fred and Barney weren't chased out of the house in fear, it's a pretty safe bet that something a bit harsher than words would've been exchanged between the two. 

3. It's my swimming pool.... No it's mine!


The Flintstones offered countless back-and-forth, give-and-take and supposedly dual-benefiting episodes between Fred and Barney. In "The Swimming Pool" which originally aired Oct. 14, 1960, there was no shortage of anger from Fred. 

After hopping the stone wall between yards while chasing Barney, Fred falls into a deep hole, what would turn out to be Barney's new pool. Fred suddenly shakes-off his anger and begins to butter-up Barney, not only hoping to use his new pool, but put half of it in his own yard. Once completed, it didn't turn out to be the staycation Fred was hoping for. 

After a long day of working at the Rockhead & Quarry Construction Co. Fred rushes home only to find his half of the pool filled with people! The first feud ignites a full battle between the two as Fred stomps across the people in the pool to confront Barney. Barney comes back at Fred, saying he's also invited too many people over, with neither of them being able to fully enjoy the pool. Fred returns with a full wooden fence, splitting the pool right down the middle. With Barney peeking his head through the last hole in the fence, Fred slams down the last of the wood on Barney's nose, as he lets out a loud yelp! 

But the next time Fred hits the diving board, he plunges into a shallow pool of water, as Barney drained it in retaliation! Fred takes it another step, calling on his buddy Charlie to dress up as a cop and break up the a planned pool-warming party, on account of disturbing the neighborhood. It turned out to be a birthday party for Fred, one Barney orchestrated. Little does Fred know, complaints from across Bedrock have poured into the police station, which sends an actual cop to investigate. Thinking it's his friend dressed up, Fred bounces the cop into the pool. Only then does Fred see Charlie approach saying, "Couldn't get the policeman suit." 

Next thing Fred knows, he's locked up in the 5th precinct police station. All seems to be just fine after Barney brings Fred a piece of birthday cake and bails him out of jail. That is, until Fred dives into the empty pool and smashes his head after Barney "forgot" to tell him it was drained! 

4. A fight over the bank's money


In episode 17 of season one, "The Big Bank Robbery," Fred's dreams of becoming rich, quitting his job and living the lavish life appear to come true!

Shortly after Barney wakes up Fred two hours early from a nap on Barney's hammock, Fred gets struck by a sack of cash! In his dream, Fred wished to be rich and was enjoying all the benefits of being wealthy. 

Though a couple of bank robbers are trying to ditch the cops just outside, the two immediatley celebrate their winnings. But is it their winnings? Neither think so! In the midst of Fred's celebration, Barney starts to celebrate too, saying, "We're rich!"

But, in typical Fred style, he claims the money fell on his head and it all belongs to him. Barney counters, saying the cash landed in his yard. Fred calls it a "mere technicality," saying it was his wish to be rich. Back and forth they go as Barney argues he gave Fred the wish idea altogether.

Barney pleads they've known eachother for years and deserves some of the dough, but Fred replies, "uh-uh stranger, uh-uh. You do your own wishing!"

5. Pay your dues or no golf championship


Fresh off an unlikely but impressive win on the course in episode 11 of season one, Fred is crowned "The Golf Champion."

But, it seems to be short-lived.

Just moments after taking the championship trophy, lodge President Barney Rubble swoops in and tries to swipe the trophy from Fred. 

This time, it's Barney on the attack first, but knowing Fred Flintstone, he's not going to give up the trophy without a game of tug-of-war first. It's no surprise for the wives, listening on the radio at home, with Wilma saying, "Don't tell me they're at it again." To which Betty responds, "They've never quit!"

Turns out, Fred's lodge dues aren't paid and up to date, resulting in the removal of the trophy. Though Barney is following the rules and Fred is in the wrong, Fred demands Barney return all that he's borrowed as a neighbor of the Flintstones. 

Barney demands the same, casually walking across the property line to reclaim a bucket Fred has. Bucket in hand, Fred demands the water inside is his. Barney agrees and launches it into Fred's face. Barney keeps up his guard in this one, with a dino-dog that chases and bites Fred anytime he crosses the yard. Fred, being the mooch he is, has plenty of Barney's things, including his golf equipment. While taking a swing, Barney swoops in to take back the ball, club and even the tee.

It doesn't stop there.

Fred's beloved hammock also turns out to be Barney's. While snoozing, Barney wakes Fred and flips him right to the ground before using the same hammock as a slingshot, sending Fred airborne through his house and through the refrigerator.

Only a plot from the wives could make the fighting come to an end, this particular fight that is.

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kamsteele 25 months ago
One of my favorite feuds is when they built an extra room and Barney got a Sabertoothed guard cat, and after Fred smacked him with the newspaper it erased the line drawn and redrew the line closer to him because of the chain he was attached to, and the next time he surprised Fred when he jumped on him, laughed and the next scene shows a tattered Fred.

RS1515 kamsteele 21 months ago
I totally remember that scene. Fred said" that saber tooth cat really sinks his teeth into his work".
MAGronemeyer 25 months ago
I was hoping to see Barney's "pointy head" after Fred clobbered him with the loving cup!
AgingDisgracefully 26 months ago
I remember Barney being LIVID when he found Fred was calling Information for numbers he could have easily looked up in the book.
At least I think I do.
tootsieg 26 months ago
Love the Flintstones! I like the episode when Fred and Barney live together. Very real life.
Runeshaper 26 months ago
Just like real life friends and neighbors LOL
Michael 26 months ago
George Jetson never fought with his neighbor.
JHP 26 months ago
Flintstones ok - Me-Tv try and sell your soul to get Rocky and Bullwinkle
MalachiCrunch 26 months ago
I wouldn't mess with Barney, he's built like a fire plug.
Cindy2022 26 months ago
They didn't feature the "Room for Two", or "The Most Beautiful Baby Cintwsy"
TheDavBow3 26 months ago
I loved the Flintstones as a kid but I just can't watch them now, I'm sorry to say.
LoveMETV22 26 months ago
The creators of " The Flintstones" had fun with the play on character and location names and little nuances in the animated series. Always fun to watch.
genie12 26 months ago
I grew up watching the Flintstones,and I still do sometimes
justjeff genie12 26 months ago
...still do what...grow up, or watch the Flintstones???

I haven't grown up yet!
madvincent justjeff 26 months ago
That Barney Rubble
What an actor.........
TheDavBow3 madvincent 26 months ago
Night Shift! Nice.
Coldnorth 26 months ago
I know neighbors like that. They live close to me
Andybandit 26 months ago
Fred and Barney feud about everything but they always make up.
WilliamHogan 26 months ago
Another feud between Fred and Barney was in The Most Beautiful Baby in Bedrock where Fred and Barney have a baby contest for Pebbles and Bamm Bamm, fighting for votes for their kids. They end up with the measles.
MrsPhilHarris 26 months ago
Love The Flintstones but never get a chance to watch. 🦕
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