9 weapons and tactics only The A-Team could get away with using

You shouldn't be surprised if you see The A-Team using cabbage as a weapon, or spraying soda at hostile enemies.

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When agreeing to hire The A-Team, it's generally a given that they'll get the job done. Whether it's fighting off a drug cartel or rescuing a captured asset, The A-Team puts their money (a lot of it) where their mouth is. 

What wasn't a given is how they went about executing their missions, as plans varied drastically in multiple episodes of The A-Team

Firepower is never lacking when it comes to The A-Team. It's used, in some variation, in every episode of the series. Of course the traditional way of using force is a staple no matter what episode is on, but there are a few ways the Team defeated their adversaries that were more than a little unorthodox. 

Here several weapons and creations only The A-Team could come up with, and get away with. 

Don't try these at home!

1. Cabbage-launching Wood Chipper

Let's start this list off strong with a cabbage-propelling weapon that was converted from a wood chipper. The A-Team helps a group of local farmers, who are overworked and underpaid, form a union against their crazed and greedy grower. When an attack from the grower is imminent, the Team is standing by with the cabbage and the power. It's a little unorthodox sure, but the effectiveness isn't in question! A cabbage to the rib cage doesn't feel good, and it's a big reason The A-Team comes out on top. 

2. Fireworks

When fighting an extortionist group causing trouble for a friend of the Team, the squad uses fireworks as the firepower. When a battle goes down at a warehouse full of fireworks, the Team uses them wisely, setting up cannons that launch screamers and bottle rockets. 

3. Hearse Trojan Horse

This one doesn't fire bullets or inflict any direct damage, but an altered hearse allows the Team to enter a funeral as a Trojan Horse! Looking to save the life of a funeral attendee, the squad engages a group of adversaries disguised as police officers. With B.A. behind the wheel of the hearse, it doesn't take long for the Team to get ahead, allowing Howling Mad to emerge through the roof in a coffin! 

4. Fake Train

Sometimes it's not about true firepower, but the ability to intimidate! The team's creativeness again doesn't disappoint. When needing the signature of a Florida congressman, the team captures him and ties him to the railroad tracks, one of the oldest intimidation plays in the book! With the sound of the train coming down the line, the congressman caves with his signature, only to find out it's Murdock on a bike with a megaphone playing train sounds, with a lightbulb attached. But hey, who wouldn't be intimidated by a ''3,000-ton train?''

5. Forklift cannon that fires 2x4s

A family-run logging business needs The A-Team's help when a a crooked union boss tries to shake things up. If you thought cabbage would hurt being shot out of a cannon, what about a solid 2x4? B.A. loads the 2x4s into a mobile fortress converted from a forklift, which of course, Murdock is driving. This is definitely something The A-Team wood pull off.

6. Soda Sprayer

A common theme in The A-Team is being undermanned and often outmatched. The ever creative ways to use what surrounds them to their advantage is how a lot of fights go their way. There's no exception in ''Trouble Brewing'' when the Team uses the access of a soda business to cause a sticky situation. A high-pressure soda sprayer is just what you want when enemies are around! With Murdock's precise aim, there's no stopping this sweet, sugary and carbonated weapon!

7. Bamboo Rocket Launchers

Plenty of missiles, but nothing to launch them from doesn't slow down The A-Team. All you need is some bamboo, duct tape and an old motor battery. Before you know it, you've got a full-fledged arsenal to attach to your helicopter. Look out below! 

8. Exploding Cupcakes

Everyone loves to bake, even The A-Team. What better way to fend off any would-be attackers than with a delicious treat? This receipe calls for eggs, milk, flour and a couple dashes of gunpowder. Be careful not to leave these bad boys in the oven too long, the results could (literally) be catastrophic. They may not taste the greatest, but they explode on impact!

9. Gas Station Flamethrower

We've always been taught to never have an open flame near or at the gas station. Some rules simply don't apply to The A-Team, especially when luring out a mob boss who faked his own death. That's what happens in the season four episode ''A Little Town With an Accent.'' Once the mobsters pull up, Murdock reaches from inside the gas pump and unleashes the flames right from the nozzel! We wonder, how much did this weapon cost at the pump?

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Jerry1949 14 months ago
I use to watch regular channels but they had so many bad words and a lot of sex and they say what happened to the kids now , but the shows on MeTV are great and they took the A Team off the air because of all the violence , how many people have you seem the A Team killed “NONE” how many times you see someone get raped “NONE” The A Team is great on tv !!!!!
Coldnorth 20 months ago
No matter how many cars and jeeps get rolled or demolished in some way they show everyone getting out unscathed. I wonder how many tires they shot. I have always loved the Ateam. The only season I won’t watch is the last one.
CaptainDunsel 20 months ago
Shouldn't #3 be just "Trojan Hearse" ?
Michael 20 months ago
But is this so unusual? The Avengers (with Emma Peel, not the comic book) had an episode that included toys as weapons Get Smart did too.

And there was the Johnny Seven gun was a toy, but lethal. Much later, in an episode of Criminal I tent, Goren used one to do damage in a vintage store, demonstrating all it could do, until the owner talked.
Pacificsun Michael 19 months ago
MFU too, after all it was called The Deadly Toys Affair.
Andybandit 20 months ago
Those weapons and tactics are hilarious. To bad those couldn't be used to get B.A. on a plane.
AgingDisgracefully 20 months ago
Was there anything more weapon-grade than Mr. T's pity?
Runeshaper 20 months ago
Exploding Cupcakes: both dangerous and delicious! LOL
tootsieg 20 months ago
I like the Soda Sprayer. That episode was so funny. I love how how with all their shenanigans very few people actually die. The A Team brings all the bad guys to justice.
LoveMETV22 20 months ago
Well I wouldn't be surprised by The A - Teams antics. However for #3 The Monty Python Troupe did it better with a Wooden Trojan Rabbit.

For # 8, Why have an exploding cupcake, when you can have a whole cake.
Runeshaper LoveMETV22 20 months ago
Gotta love The Stooges!
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