Six things to keep in mind when it comes to football, courtesy of classic TV

When creating your game plan, don’t make these classic TV football mistakes.

If you’re a fan of football, it has been an exciting couple of weeks, as most levels of the game are underway.

Whether you’re a fan of the NFL, college, high school or if you’re a new fan, we wanted to share a couple of pointers on how the game shouldn’t look. Across classic television, there’s been plenty of blunders on the gridiron, making for some instantly recognizable scenes and funny moments that continue to live on.

Here are six friendly pieces of advice when it comes to football, and six examples on why you should follow it, courtesy of some of classic TV’s funniest football scenes!

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1. Don’t take your eyes off the target – The Brady Bunch

After just hitting Bobby in the backyard endzone on the previous play, Peter Brady gets a little too confident at quarterback. After snapping the ball, Bobby runs out to the same spot hoping for another laser from Peter. But instead, Peter takes his eyes off his target, sending the ball right into Marcia’s direction. It not only caused a bruised nose, but it cost her a date with Doug!

2. Don’t trip over your own feet – Leave It to Beaver

When Wally and Eddie from Leave It to Beaver take up coaching, they just can’t seem to get through to the team during practice. Eddie Haskell never misses an opportunity to display his skills, no matter what they may or may not be. In this case, he’s showing the “owls” how to catch a pass and run it in for a score. He runs a nice fade route and Wally lays a perfect pass on him. When cutting across the field unopposed, he trips over his own two feet, falling short of the goal line. The team certainly shouldn’t be doing that!

3. Don’t fumble – Leave It to Beaver

With Beaver Cleaver under center and the team’s secret play, “old 98” up their sleeve, The Lightning Eleven football team looks to score. The Beaver takes the snap, play fakes and gets swarmed by the opponents, the Grant Avenue Tigers, who rip the ball away and score a touchdown. After this fumble, Ward tries to cheer him up by saying, "don't worry about it, you can't win all of them." To which Beaver responds, "Gee dad, we can't win any of them." Bonus tip: don't tell anybody what your secret play is!

4. Be aware of your surroundings at all times – Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

If you happen to throw the ball around this football season, look out for things that might be along your receiver route, especially trees! Stopped by security while trying to get the game ball out of the stadium, Sgt. Carter pitches to Pyle for a pass. After Carter runs out of the turnstile and into the clear, Pyle heaves the ball over the gate and perfectly places it in Carter’s hands. No matter how great of a catch it is, if you’re stuck short of the goal line it doesn’t matter, and that tree certainly knocked Carter out of his cleats!

5. Don’t overdo it – The Flintstones

The last thing you want for you, your relative or even your favorite pro football player is to overdo it. Let’s use Fred Flintstone as an example. He’s out of a job unless he goes back to high school for two weeks to get his diploma. While attending class, the football coach approaches and immediately recruits him for the team, as he’s bigger and stronger than the rest of the high school kids. In the Rock Bowl, Fred can do no wrong, scoring touchdowns, picking up fumbles and even flying through the goal post on an extra point! All that fun begins to fade when he comes home with a limp! Moral of the story: Don’t overdo it!

6. Be wary of those field-level seats – Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

Let’s step off the field for this one. It’s everyone’s dream to watch the big game from field-level seats. For Sgt. Carter and Gomer Pyle, it’s a dream come true! Carter says it’s the “greatest day” of his life. That lasts all of one play, as the first of the game sees the running back bounce outside, into the sideline and into Carter’s face! That outcome could’ve been avoided if he were in the nosebleeds! To make things worse, that knockout collision cost him $50.00!

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Moriyah 13 days ago
Great story! Keep them coming about as often as this!
McGillahooala 14 days ago
Poor Sgt. Carter. Head injuries are not a laughing matter.
MrsPhilHarris 14 days ago
Eddie Haskell kills me. 😁
I like Eddie's use of nicknames. 😁
So many nicknames. Always loved Sam. Mortimer is probably my second favourite. 😁
Moody LoveMETV22 12 days ago
I remember one of my dad's friends who called everybody Clyde. I don't know if it was because he couldn't remember actual names or if just liked the name Clyde.
LoveMETV22 Moody 12 days ago
LOL. I know they used to like dropping names on the series.

Hope your able to see Youtube clips.
I sent Moody a Youtube clip on names mentioned in the LITB Series. Should be a few comments down or up. Figured you might enjoy it. There seems to be more related clips than actual LITB clips, but on occasion, something new gets posted to Youtube. There are plenty of spoofs and parodies too, but I wouldn't post some of them here.
I actually watched this one a couple of weeks ago. There is a good compilation of Angela Valentine’s name being mentioned. Made more interesting because she is only seen from the back of her head once but she manages to rack up having her name said quite a few times.
Andybandit 14 days ago
It would be funny if the professional football players played liked the people in the above story.
LoveMETV22 14 days ago
Most important thing to keep in mind when creating a game plan is keeping ones ears open. Oscar would have appreciated tips # 1 - 5, ( figuratively ). He might have been able to do without being humbled by
Howard Cosell.

However it did make for a classic TV football moment. 🏈🏈
NickG LoveMETV22 13 days ago
That scene was hysterical.
Moody LoveMETV22 12 days ago
One of my favorite episodes the The Odd Couple.
texasluva Moody 3 days ago
MQ located @ Only a sci-fi film expert can fill in these cult-classic movie titles
Moody texasluva 5 hours ago
Hey there! You posted a long comment to me some time ago that I haven't got around to responding to yet. But I can't find it now because the notification is gone. Can you point me in the right direction? Sorry I didn't answer sooner. 😔
texasluva Moody 3 hours ago
I probably posted many of them this past couple of weeks. When I am signed in I can only go back 20 comments which might be like 2 days worth. It's okay. What I can do is sign off. click on my name and I can follow as far back as 2+ years. Make copy of it. Then the others that you have not seen and paste them here. It might be in a day or two to gather up. During this time you have all the quizzes, Saturday and Sunday plus coming attractions each week. Though for you there might be an easier way. You can click on my name still signed in and go down the list until you see one replied to you under my name. It will go back months if not years. If you just go and try and respond on notifications there is a time limit on those but not following my texasluva name. I have found this out looking for some using notifications and if more then a week usually its a dead end. Though clicking on names you can just go down their reply lists.
cperrynaples 14 days ago
Didn't Fred use Ballet to improve his bowling...LOL! And while we're talking about football let's not forget the memorable games in both the movie and TV versions of MASH!
Michael cperrynaples 14 days ago
He was Twinkle Toes Flintstone. But maybe they reused it for football.
Runeshaper 14 days ago
#7 - be careful if you're playing with the 3 Stooges! LOL
Sway Runeshaper 14 days ago
Larry: "Quarterback." Moe: "Halfback.". Curly: "Hunchback."
Runeshaper LoveMETV22 13 days ago
Exactly! LOL
Barry22 14 days ago
Toon in With Me should devote a morning to football episodes. Aside from Popeye and Cool Cat, I can't think of any others. Oh yeah, Freddy the Freshman.
cperrynaples Barry22 14 days ago
I believe that's Foghorn Leghorn's old friend, the one that's even louder than him! Remember when he snuck in by pretending to be the mailman...LOL!
Pacificsun 14 days ago
Such a great Post MeTV Staff. I chuckled all the way through it.

And thanks for ushering in Fall the right way!! 😉
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