How well do you know the very first episode of Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.?

The Marine Corps took a little getting used to for the beloved Mayberry mechanic.

In some ways, the pilot episode of Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. was actually an episode of The Andy Griffith Show. A season four Andy Griffith episode tells the story of how Gomer went from Mayberry to the Marine Corps. But the actual first episode of the spinoff came a few months later in the fall of 1964.

“Gomer Overcomes the Obstacle Course” gives a great introduction to the friction between Gomer and his exasperated drill instructor Sgt. Carter. It also shows how Gomer can remain optimistic and endear himself to the right people, which even makes Sgt. Carter look good!

How well do you know the premiere of Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.? There aren't any high walls or rope swings, but this quiz may still be tough to get through for anyone but the biggest Gomer Pyle fans. Good luck!

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  1. What does Gomer say to the Marine barber?
  2. Why does Sgt. Carter single Gomer out in line?
  3. Why does Sgt. Carter make Gomer do pushups?
  4. How does Gomer get over the wall?
  5. After going through the tunnel, Gomer says, “It’s dark as the inside of a ____ in there.”
  6. What surprising thing is Gomer writing in his letter home?
  7. After a bad dream, what does Gomer do?
  8. Gomer is diagnosed with extreme exhaustion or…
  9. When Sgt. Carter goes to see the Colonel, he says his full title. What is it?
  10. What happens after Sgt. Carter catches Gomer running the obstacle course at night?

How well do you know the very first episode of Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.?

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eddiecantorfan 2 months ago
LoveMETV22 eddiecantorfan 2 months ago
So you're back to loading full episodes, since your last (user,screen)name change. Best of luck, hope MeTV doesn't have issue with it.
eddiecantorfan 2 months ago
Rest In Peace
Jim Nabors
Frank Sutton
Tommy Leonetti
Roy Stuart
Allan Melvin
Barbara Stuart
Ted Bessell
Jerry Dexter
Forrest Compton
Buck Young
Karl Swenson
Sid Melton
William Christopher
eddiecantorfan 2 months ago
At 9pm Tonight on METV is The Jet
Set episode of GOMER Pyle USMC
From season one and The Jet Set
has the Last Appearance of Corporal
Nick Cuccinelli played by Tommy
Leonetti . Tommy Leonetti was an
actor and a singer.
I like the season one episode of GOMER PYLE USMC called GOMER And The
Dragon Lady. Barbara Stuart played
Hannah Troy who was called the Dragon
Lady .Barbara Stuart played Bunny starting
with season 2 of GOMER PYLE USMC.
The Dragon Lady flipped Duke Slater and
Sgt Carter .
Did anyone ever notice that on GOMER
PYLE USMC Sgt Carter's girlfriend BUNNY
Bunny Harper
Bunny Olsen
Bunny Wilson

I noticed that Bunny had three
different last names but the
writers didn't notice it.
Snickers 3 months ago
9/10. I bet a certain someone got them all right.
GOMER PYLE USMC and GREEN ACRES are two terrific TV Shows.
djk 3 months ago
7/10 -- You don't have to watch regularly (or often) to know how things are going to play out.
Who played the Corporal Johnson?
Was it Jerry Dexter?
Tommy Leonetti played Cpl.Nick
Cuccinelli and Roy Stuart played
Also I am a fan of these three
Eddie Cantor
Joe Penner and
Pee Wee Herman..
Moriyah 4 months ago
I took the quiz again, and I got all of them correct this time!
You can watch the GOMER PYLE USMC Episode with the first appearance of Lou Ann Poovie Elizabeth MacRae by going to the METV Article called this Happy Days guest star was the first actor discovered on Don Adams Screen Test .
The Lou Ann Poovie Episode of GOMER PYLE USMC is under that METV Article.That Episode was downloaded .
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