You might recognize these adult actors playing the Full House kids

The adult Tanner girls were cast in everything from Happy Days to hit movies.

In the third season of Full House, there was an episode that many fans today consider foreshadowing of the Fuller House reboot.

In “Those Better Not Be the Days,” Full House delivered an episode that went into the future to imagine the Tanner girls all grown up, casting adult actors to play each of the iconic TV siblings.

For fans of classic TV, you might recognize some of these actors from guest spots they did on earlier hit sitcoms and even featured roles in a major comedy movie franchise. Here, we break down exactly where these grown-up Tanner girls came from.

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1. Jayne Modean, the adult Michelle Tanner

Image credit: NBC

You might not remember the short-lived TV series Trauma Center, where Jayne Modean played a nurse on a hospital TV show cast alongside James Naughton and Lou Ferrigno, but everybody loved the Cheers episode “Christmas Cheers” where she played a pretty stewardess named Tracy.

In that episode, Modean’s character is responsible for a gifting mishap where Sam gives Rebecca a nice pair of diamond earrings and ends up romantically linked to Woody by episode’s end.

For Modean, who appeared in a handful of Eighties TV and movie roles, her Full House appearance was one of her last, only appearing once more on TV before stepping out of the spotlight in 1991.

2. Julia Montgomery, the adult Stephanie

Image credit: The Everett Collection

Perhaps the most recognizable of the grown-up Tanner girls is Julia Montgomery, who rose to fame in the soap opera One Life to Live and wound up on the big screen, cast in a major role in the comedy franchise Revenge of the Nerds.

Montgomery played Betty Childs, a cheerleader and sorority girl who ends up dumping Ted McGinley’s jock character and siding with the nerds, ultimately marrying a nerd and portraying his wife in the third and fourth installments.

On TV, Montgomery also guest starred on shows in the Eighties like In the Heat of the Night and Columbo, and she continues to act in movies and TV shows today.

3. Melanie Vincz, the adult D.J.

Image credit: ABC

As the oldest Tanner girl, Full House cast Melanie Vincz, a pretty actor who got her start on a very memorable episode of the Seventies sitcom Mork & Mindy.

In “Hold That Mork,” Mork decides he wants to become a Denver Broncos cheerleader, and Vincz played Kathy, the only cheerleader willing to help him realize his goal.

It’s said that she was one of the only non-cheerleaders cast for the part, so she must’ve impressed Garry Marshall’s crew!

In the Eighties, Vincz appeared on plenty of hit shows, including Three’s Company, The Dukes of Hazzard and Night Court, but her role on Full House would also become one of her last.

In 1991, she joined the cast of a short-lived soap opera called Dangerous Women, then seemingly retired from acting, never taking a role since.

4. Rhonda Shear, as adult Kimmy Gibbler

Last, but certainly never least, playing Kimmy Gibbler was a former beauty queen named Rhonda Shear whose earliest TV appearance was in a Happy Days episode called “Joanie Busts Out.”

The episode finds Joanie attempting to start a modeling career. Shear plays a pretty model who catches Fonzie’s eye.

Shear began her onscreen career by joining Gilbert Gottfried while hosting screenings of B movies on USA. After Happy Days, she continued appearing on Eighties shows like Cheers, CHiPs and Dallas before Full House came calling.

She’s acted in TV and movies right up to 2013, but today, she might be better known for creating the Home Shopping Network’s popular “Ahh Bra.” She sold 25 million after it was introduced in 2010, becoming a multimillionaire by inventing the bestselling bra in the whole world.

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cperrynaples 16 days ago
This post is sorta redundant in that if you want to see the REAL adult girls, all you have to do is watch Fuller House on Netflix! Of course you won't see an adult Michelle because Elizabeth is the only Olsen sister who still acts, and she's Wanda in the Marvelverse!
Stefanie24 cperrynaples 13 days ago
Its hardly redundant seeing as the episode the article is about aired 2+ more decades than the Fuller House reboot, which many didn't bothered watching upon its release.
Michael 16 days ago
I always thought "Kimmy" was more interesting than the Tanner girls. Not enough to watch the show now.

But sidekicks tend to stick out. "Six" on Blossom, "Boner" on Growing Pains (played by Walter Koenig's son), "Eddie Haskell" and a host of others
cperrynaples Michael 16 days ago
Yes, but do you notice that all the ones you mention are annoying nuances? We all know why they didn't include Screech in most SBTB reunions, don't we?
Because of the actors real life behavior? To be fair I believe the annoying neighbor/sidekick has been a TV and movie trope since the invention of images on film. Leave it to Beaver had Eddie Haskell, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis had Maynard G. Krebs. I’m sure if you go back farther there are many other examples even all the way to the silent film era. Except maybe the Keystone Cops (and later on 3 Stooges and Laurel & Hardy) were the annoying nuisances pushed into the main roles of the films.
TheSentinel Michael 10 days ago
Never did like Kimmy all that much. Besides becoming a one-joke character in later seasons (i.e. her foot odor problem), she had enough of a facial resemblance to Danny that she should've been Danny's oldest daughter.
Pacificsun 16 days ago
I can understand most all of the stories posted. But this one is a blur. You mean the kids on Full House actually grew up to be actors in sitcoms that we are as Classic TV fan supposed to remember??

Why don't you just start running the next decade (or two) of sitcoms after Full House ended. Then we could call it MiserableTV.
Michael Pacificsun 16 days ago
It's not uncommon for shows to have flashbacks to younger days. But that would be hard for the Tanner kids, since they'd not be interesting even younger.

So they did the reverse, portray what the girls might be as teenagers or adults
Pacificsun Michael 15 days ago
Dag-gone-it. I finally got caught never watching a single episode of Full House.

So I was correct in thinking that story made no sense. I appreciate you explaining it, thanks!
Pacificsun Michael 15 days ago
My impression of FH, from endless comments, is that it was about the adults ("comics") anyway. But it couldn't very well be a "Full" House without the kids. But I get it well-enough. The idea was to pull in the younger-youngest audiences!!

It's just that it was so contrived.
nd1irish Pacificsun 15 days ago
You sure comment a lot about a show you claim to have never seen and don’t like. You might consider taking up a hobby instead.
Dayna Pacificsun 14 days ago
And now they have Fuller House. Maybe you should watch Full House. It's a good show and so is Fuller House.
Stefanie24 nd1irish 13 days ago
My God. Takes it to a whole new level to complain about something she never bothered watching in the first place That ranks up there with the idiots who comment 'who cares?'. The same ones who took the time to click, read and comment that they supposedly don't care. Why on earth would the rest of us care that they don't?
nd1irish Stefanie24 12 days ago
I guess that they are angry people who need a place to vent. I guess complaining about TV shows is better than other ways they could choose to ‘Act out’.
justjeff 16 days ago
Two words: WHO CARES!
Stefanie24 justjeff 13 days ago
Says the person who chose to read and comment.
justjeff Stefanie24 12 days ago
...and I am unamimous in that!
KathiHeckenlively 16 days ago
Jayne Modean also became the first Mrs. Dave Coulier.
WordsmithWorks 16 days ago
I wonder which episodes had a "flash forward" scene in which the girls were portrayed as adults. I know I could go to IMDb, but I'm too lazy. Plus, I'm guessing that episode will air in the near future.
I had 30 seconds free so I did it for you. They told us this season and the title so I went to IMDb and it’s S3E19. Since I was never that big of a fan of full house (I think I caught maybe 4 episodes a year) I had to read the review on the site to see what the episode was about.

Apparently the guys decided they had enough of the kids being spoiled and ungrateful so they told the kids they would be switching roles and the kids would be the caretakers and the guys would complain and expect everything. Apparently the kids never noticed. Then it says the guys imagine a future where they are old and still catering to the girls every whim. It doesn’t really sound that good 😕
Catman 16 days ago
Ah yes, Rhonda Shear ... UP! All Night.
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