MeTV Picture Quality FAQ

MeTV has transitioned to wide screen broadcasting in local TV markets across the country. This means you are now able see MeTV programs and commercials presented in a wider view than before, enhancing the viewing experience.

To help understand the wide screen transition and how it may affect your TV viewing, this page has answers to many frequently asked questions.

Q- I watch MeTV on an HDTV (“High Definition Television”) set using an HDTV cable, satellite or antenna. What should my TV picture look like after the MeTV wide screen transition?

A- Your MeTV picture is now in a wide screen format, but some programs may not fill the full screen edge to edge completely as they may have before. Depending on what program MeTV is presenting, your picture may look like this:

4x3 program carried in a widescreen 16x9 picture.

Or this:

16x9 program carried in a wide screen 16x9 picture.

Q- I watch MeTV on an HDTV set. What should my TV picture width setting be set on to properly enjoy MeTV in wide screen?

A- Many HDTVs allow you to set the picture width to normal, zoom, full, wide or other settings. To correctly watch MeTV in wide screen, typically your HDTV picture width should be set to “normal.” Settings such as “zoom” or “full” may create distortions or unnecessary stretching of the picture. Test your settings to see what looks best. By default, your MeTV picture should look like this:

4x3 program carried in a widescreen 16x9 picture.

However, some viewers may desire to see the 4x3 image fill the entire screen, even though it "stretches" the image to do this. To fill the screen, click the “zoom,” “full” or “aspect” options on your TV until the picture appears the way you like it.

Q- I changed my HDTV picture width settings and I still see black edges on my picture screen, is this normal?

A- Yes, MeTV’s classic TV shows were produced in a 4:3 format which was a common size for television programming and sets from the 1950s through the 1990s. Even on a modern HDTV, the wide screen view will still show some black on either edge of the screen, though now there will be less than before. Your MeTV picture should look like this.

4x3 program carried in a widescreen 16x9 picture.

Q- I have an older TV set that is not in high definition in my spare room and garage. Can I still watch MeTV after the switch to wide screen viewing?

A- Yes, you will still be able to watch MeTV on any older TV sets with an over the air antenna or HDTV cable or satellite service. As we move to wide screen viewing, older non-HDTV sets will show MeTV in wide screen with a black bar on the top and bottom of the screen. This is normal. On an older non-HDTV your picture should look like this:

Q- What if I have further questions?

A- Please email MeTV.