Answer these questions and we'll tell you which cassette player fits your mood

Don't forget to rewind the tape when you're done!

Sometimes people wish they could return to earlier decades, but since that's impossible, they buy items that remind them of simpler times.

One of those simpler times is listening to music on a cassette player. There are many ways to listen to music nowadays, but nothing beats classic cassette tapes and players. If you've been searching for one, look no more because the MeTV Mall has got you covered.

Can't decide which one to buy? Take this quiz, and we'll tell you which cassette player fits your mood.

  1. In your opinion, which of these decades produced the best music?
  2. Which genre of music would you listen to?
  3. Which song would you listen to?
  4. Which best describes you when you're listening to music?
  5. Which color cassette player would you buy?
  6. How often do you listen to music?
  7. When listening to an album, do you listen to the songs in order?
  8. Have you ever recorded your own music before?
  9. How long do you think songs should be?
  10. Which statement about music do you agree with?

Answer these questions and we'll tell you which cassette player fits your mood

Your Result...

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JohnAustin79 9 days ago
I got Cassette Combo because I'm a versatile music listener. The boombox that's shown reminds me of something that I would've had as a teenager in the '90s 🙂.
graceful1970 10 days ago
You got Classic Retro Cassette Player
TheSentinel 12 days ago
I got '80s classic player - fits me perfectly because those were my formative years (and also the decade that produced the best music, as well as the last great decade for music before the music industry started going downhill).
wallyandbagfan 15 days ago
Just An Old Fashioned Love Song by Three Dog Night.
wallyandbagfan 15 days ago
Joy To The World by Three Dog Night
RobertK 15 days ago
I got the cassette combo. Nailed it! I liked a mix of radio and a cassette now and then. I always steered toward black or polished silver as far as colors in electronics. They looked a bit more classy, like the higher end stereo systems of the day. I still use my old Marantz receiver!
bmoore4026 16 days ago
I got a Personal Cassette Player. But I already have an MP3 player with hundreds of songs on them. Anyway they can make a MP3 player that looks like a Personal Cassette Player?
jimmyvici 16 days ago
Classic retro huh? Ok then. I’m down
Runeshaper 17 days ago
You got Personal Cassette Player
A nice, small cassette player is all you need to play your favorite tunes. You're very chill, and this is perfect for you. Check it out at the MeTV Mall.

Geronimo 17 days ago
They are totally wrong. I love the Motown sound which is what this quiz didn't have.
GTStang08 17 days ago
You got Classic Retro Cassette Player: "Oh heck no!" I said I liked two-toned colors...I should've picked "black"...I don't like pastels...that mint green...Uhh!
Tresix GTStang08 17 days ago
I DID select black and they gave me that pink Walkman!
Steve67 Tresix 17 days ago
Same here
GTStang08 Tresix 17 days ago
Ouch! But you know, they do sale this particular radio in Black w/Gold trim. It looks really nice. It's actually a bit cheaper too on an online retailer. [hint] Brazilian Jungle....LOL
lynngdance 17 days ago
I just took the quiz and got the seafoam one. This is surreal omg. 😳 😝
lynngdance 17 days ago
MOT1970 18 days ago
Got the cassette combo. Reminds me of my teen years in the 80's.
Coldnorth 18 days ago
If only it was purple instead of foam green
Bricat2001 Coldnorth 6 days ago
I’d like a purple one, it’s my favorite color💜
Coldnorth Bricat2001 6 days ago
I had a 97 purple Grand Prix bought it just for the color
DanielleCToonfan 18 days ago
I got the pink personal cassette player.
WhitneyLGH 18 days ago
I "related to" the retro mint/seafoam green classic cassette player. PERFECT!!! 😎
Kramden62 WhitneyLGH 18 days ago
Me, too. I guess that model's not stereo.
WhitneyLGH Kramden62 18 days ago
Not all of the older/retro cassette players/radios were capable of the "stereo" option. Back in the day, many were only made in "mono" format. Later, they began making more portable radios and home sterero systems, with the capability of mono and stereo, with an adjustment nob or switch. Most, stressing most...are produced with stereo format, today.
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