Are these close-up images from Batman or Star Trek?

Can you tell the difference between the Enterprise and the Batcave?

The far future of Star Trek and the comic book world of Batman looked remarkably similar in some ways. Both had advanced technology like intelligent computers and communication devices. The heroes of both shows also fought colorful (literally!) and outrageous villains.

We’ve zoomed in on a few details from both iconic series. Can you tell the difference?

  1. What are these futuristic buttons and dials from?
  2. Do you know what this character is from?
  3. What is this display from?
  4. Which series is this from?
  5. What is this rabbit from?
  6. Do you know this close-up image?
  7. This set is from...
  8. Which show is this bald character from?
  9. These buttons and controls are from...
  10. Can you guess what this is from?
  11. What is this scene from?
  12. This is costume is from...

Are these close-up images from Batman or Star Trek?

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George57 5 months ago
Holy pop quizzes, I was correct on all 12. I guess being a child of the sixties and my memory is still pretty good. It's great when I guess the quizz and get all the right answers. Well to be fair I almost never missed Batman or Star Trek. I even sat in the 60's Batmobile once at a convention.🤭
Keith 5 months ago
10/12 I really didn't appreciate the Colonel Gumm question. How am I supposed to know what show is the photo from considering the fact that I'm not able to see the type of outfit he's wearing to determine if the character is on Batman or Star Trek? Especially when the photo is just a head shot. Not fair but It's okay I'll get over it.
RazzMatazz71 Keith 5 months ago
I thought it was Harry Mudd as well. Maybe Col. Gumm is an ancestor of Harry Mudd
postman50 5 months ago
Got me on #2 fooled me MeTv good job
Gayleistoons 6 months ago
11/12...a question with a character that was on both shows😑 lame
djw1120 Gayleistoons 6 months ago
But, if you see the way he looks in the picture, you know he has to be Col. Gumm in Batman and NOT Harry Mudd in Star Trek.
BTW, that episode of Batman had the Green Hornet and Kato as "visiting guest 'heros' ".
peterm djw1120 5 months ago
they only show a head
Keith djw1120 5 months ago
Debbie 7 months ago
9/12 Not bad for mostly guessing
graceful1970 7 months ago
You got 10 out of 12
Holy retro-tech, Batman! Could you tell the difference between these Sixties favorites?
Jeffrey 8 months ago
''You got 10 out of 12'' ----------Holy retro-tech, Batman! -----Could you tell the difference between these Sixties favorites? Mostly, I got #s 2 and 6 wrong.
WilliamJorns 9 months ago
I got overconfident on this one. I missed #2, because Roger Carmel was a guest on both shows, but the picture they used here was from Batman, where he played Colonel Gumm. (Clever of MeTV to pull a fast one like that!) I also missed #10, thinking it was a container from Star Trek - it was not. What IS that thing, anyway?
Jeffrey WilliamJorns 8 months ago
It's a Giant coffee pot or percolater.
djw1120 Jeffrey 6 months ago
Since when did Batman have a percolator or coffee pot that did not have the "Bat" insignia on it.
Although, I have no idea what it is either.
On second thought, I think it WAS a giant percolator.
Batman & Robin were trapped in the "coffee cup" at the end of the first episode - but, I have no idea who the villain was in that episode.
Lacey 9 months ago
I missed #2, but you knew I would.
RichLorn 9 months ago
Hey MeTV, here's Mudd in your eye.
Randall 9 months ago
mikesap1230 Randall 9 months ago
2nd time around I’ll bet
jimmyvici 9 months ago
7/12…highly illogical. 🖖
Greg 9 months ago
Missed 1 I thought that was Harry Mudd from ST.
richardkel Greg 9 months ago
Exactly the same score and reason here. He looks the same in either show to me. Loved him in his Star Trek appearances.
MLMartin97 Greg 9 months ago
Almost missed it, but the camera angle was the giveaway.
TSeym22 9 months ago
11/12 Missed #2. Sneaky, MeTV. I don't remember him from Batman at all.
Mirramanee TSeym22 9 months ago
I believe he was a one-time appearance villain on Batman. He was much more enjoyable as the nefarious Harry Mudd on Star Trek. Wish they would have used him a couple more times.
Snickers Mirramanee 9 months ago
There was a rumor that Gene wanted to make Harry a semi regular but the studio nixed it.
STTOS 9 months ago
You got 11 out of 12 - Holy retro-tech, Batman! Could you tell the difference between these Sixties favorites? Much more familiar with Star Trek than Batman so my plan was that if I did not recognize it, it must be Batman. Worked fine except for #2 where I assumed it was Harry Mudd and selected Star Trek. I did not know that Roger C. Carmel was on Batman too. Holy Harcourt Batman!!
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