Are these images of Wally Cleaver or Robbie Douglas?

Both characters were stylish, and these images might confuse you.

Wally Cleaver and Robbie Douglas were young boys who went through everything from girl trouble to dealing with their little brothers. With their friends and family, they could be seen learning lessons throughout their shows.

The characters have differences, but could you tell which image belongs to each character without their faces showing?

Good luck!

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  1. Which character is this?
  2. Which character is this?
  3. Which character is this?
  4. Which character is this?
  5. Which character is this?
  6. Which character is this?
  7. Which character is this?
  8. Which character is this?
  9. Which character is this?
  10. Which character is this?

Are these images of Wally Cleaver or Robbie Douglas?

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hendrix_media 1 month ago
10/10. Realizing the differences in the size of their arms, and 3 or 4 shirts (Wally Cleaver's ... and that checked suit!) made this an easy quiz, to me. 😻 🍻
seaeagle 1 month ago
"Here's the moment of truth. You got 10 out of 10." Never got into MTS, had to go by the clothing styles as much as anything even tho I watch LITB as often as I can.
obectionoverruled 2 months ago
8 of 10. Tony Dow was a great big brother. Always a little unsure if he should advance unless he had Ward’s blessing. First borns always try to please their dads. Beaver looked up to Wally and secured his livelihood every day by trying to do as he did.
Pastorgman 2 months ago
A little bit tricky, but managed to guess some for 10/10!
Ready2go 2 months ago
6/10. Ready for the make up.
spockrocks 2 months ago
10/10 although honestly I’ve always hated Leave it to Beaver. I think the writing is poor quality and there was no heart in many of the performances, though it makes me sad to say this. Just sharing thoughts, please be civil 😊
GirlNumber3 spockrocks 1 month ago
you just felt it was important that everyone know you think LITB is substandard? Ok then.
SalIanni 2 months ago
This quiz reminds me of the "My Three Sons" episode "Guest In The House" which I happened to see on TV last week in which both Robbie and Wally appeared together. It was really Tony Dow in a different role in what was one of the best episodes during Season 5.
hermanstein2015 2 months ago
10/10 RIP Tony Dow you were a joy to meet in person!
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