Which Cleaver kid came up with these solutions?

Which brother thought these ideas/solutions were the best answer to their problems?

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Although they were fictional characters, there wasn't one episode where Wally and Beaver didn't learn a valuable lesson on Leave It to Beaver. At the end of each episode, they both understood why telling the truth was always the best solution when dealing with a problem, but only after they came up with solutions that were not the best.

We want to know if you can guess which Cleaver kid came up with these ideas/solutions to their problems.

Good luck!

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  1. This brother's friends got jealous because of the attention he got from girls at his new job. The friends decided to "get revenge." The solution: dump ice cream on them to pay them back.
  2. One brother cut his hair; the other tried to fix it but made the style worse. They then walked downstairs with stocking caps on their heads to hide the haircut from their parents. Who came up with this solution?
  3. When the boys broke their parents' car window, whose solution was to roll the window down to hide the crack?
  4. This Cleaver kid had to wear short pants to school, and his classmates picked on him. To defend himself quickly, he got into a fight with the group. Whose solution was it to hit his classmates?
  5. One of the boys got invited to a party, but he was the only boy with an invitation. To get him out of going, whose solution was to call the girl and act like Ward?
  6. This brother got in trouble after his friend drilled a hole in the garage wall with his dad's power tools. His solution was to run away from home.
  7. A new boy persuades this Cleaver kid and his friend to give him $3.00 out of the cookie fund. Whose idea was it to ask their dad for $1.50?
  8. This Cleaver boy started dating his teacher's daughter and got teased by his friends. His solution: cancel their future dates and transfer out of her dad's class to stop the teasing.

Which Cleaver kid came up with these solutions?

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