How well do you know the character June Cleaver?

The classic television mom's life revolved around her family, but how well do you know her?

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The Cleaver household would not be the same without June. She was the mom that provided a softer side that went well when making decisions with her husband, Ward. June was dedicated to her family, ensuring her significant other and children were loved. Her children, Wally and Beaver, were very curious and often found themselves in trouble, but Mrs. Cleaver was always there for them.

The character on Leave It to Beaver was played by Barbara Billingsley. We know all about the Cleaver boys, but how well do you know the fictional character June? Good luck.

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  1. What is June's full name?
  2. What is the name of her father?
  3. What's her birthplace?
  4. What type of school did June attend?
  5. She was the captain of which team?
  6. What is her sister's name?
  7. What type of club was June a member of?
  8. Which kind of necklace did she wear the most?
  9. What is her aunt's name?

How well do you know the character June Cleaver?

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