Are these real Brady Bunch specials, or did we make them up?

Step right up, and don't think twice. It's another Brady Bunch quiz, but will you get the answers right?

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In the late '60s and early '70s, being a Brady was one of the coolest things you could be as a kid. The Brady Bunch made everyone dream of having a big family. There was always something interesting happening with six kids and three adults under one roof. When the show ended, the Brady name lived on through many specials.

Are these specials real, or did we make them up?

Note: For this quiz we used the word "specials" to group the many spin-offs, television movies and variety shows that used the Brady name. 

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  1. Is "The Brady Bunch Hour" a real Brady special?
  2. Is "A Brady Celebration" a real Brady special?
  3. Is "The Brady Girls Get Married" a real Brady special?
  4. Is "A Very Brady Christmas" a real Brady special?
  5. Is "The Brady Home" a real Brady special?
  6. Is "The Bradys" a real Brady special?
  7. Is "Meet The Bradys" a real Brady special?
  8. Is "Growing Up Brady" a real Brady special?
  9. Is "The New Brady Family" a real Brady special?
  10. Is "A Very Brady Renovation" a real Brady special?

Are these real Brady Bunch specials, or did we make them up?

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