Are these the names of Star Trek or Shakespeare characters?

Are Septimus, Balok and Tybalt from the 16th or the 23rd century?

Star Trek has many connections to Shakespeare. Episode names are drawn from the famous bard’s text and Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner, trained as a Shakespearian actor.

Both Star Trek episodes and Shakespeare’s plays involve everything from strange, otherworldly concepts to Earth’s ancient past. With that in mind, here are 15 names from both the iconic sci-fi series and the renowned renaissance playwright.

Come hither and guess each name whence it came.

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  1. Is this four-syllable name from Star Trek or Shakespeare?
  2. What is this name from?
  3. Do you recognize this name?
  4. What is this name from?
  5. Do you know where this name comes from?
  6. Is this name from Star Trek or Shakespeare?
  7. Can you place this name?
  8. What is this name from?
  9. Do you know where this comes from?
  10. Do you recognize this name?
  11. What is this name from?
  12. This name is from...
  13. What about this name?
  14. Is this name from Star Trek or Shakespeare?
  15. Do you recognize this name?

Are these the names of Star Trek or Shakespeare characters?

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KevinMeerschaert 14 hours ago
13 of 15. I could have lied but conscience does make cowards of us all.
frances3agape 2 days ago
Only 11 of 15. I thought I knew Shakespeare better
srrainwater 2 days ago
10/15. To be fair I'm more Star Trek than Shakespeare. Sorry Picard
IdaKnow56 11 days ago
Forsooth, I did but guess one incorrectly.
Hogansucks1 13 days ago
One of THE best Shakespearean comedy plays ever, (In Living Color) Romeo & Juliet and the Star Trek skits are some of the best I’ve seen on line. 🤣🤣🤣 LMAO
FatOlBroad 14 days ago
13/15. Should have been better.
Dario 14 days ago
11 out of 15. Not bad! 😁
frenchman71 16 days ago
Did much better, 13/15. I remember just about all of Star Trek's characters. Septimus & Drusila threw me off. I didn't like that Star Trek episode, "Bread and Circuses".
kimmer 16 days ago
9/15....Shameful of me....
ma2lyssa kimmer 12 days ago
I got the same score. I started out strong and then it all went downhill. At warp speed.
nerakr 17 days ago
13/15. Not a Trekkie, but I had to take Shakespeare in college.
ElimGarak 18 days ago
15/15 Got lucky, saw 'Bread & Circuses' a week or two ago.
JERRY6 18 days ago
call me Hulverhead for not doing well on this test
JERRY6 18 days ago
11 of 15 i'm ashamed i failed that test
Hogansucks1 19 days ago
4 out of 15 🤥. I always paid more attention to the wardrobe designs, especially the alien temptresses and also the always “Amok Time” fight scene music- 😊
idkwut2use 19 days ago
12/15, should’ve been better, aargh! x-p
MrsPhilHarris 19 days ago
11/15. Two were from a slip of the fingers.

There is a very funny British show called Upstart Crow about Wm. Shakespeare.
Ohhhh. After MeTV, my fave channels are BBC and PBS for their British shows.
THANKS for the info. I will check it out
My pleasure. Also IT Crowd and the hilarious Father Ted. Word of warning, some Catholics took offense to Father Ted.
Unfamiliar with FATHER TED. What was the series where a woman was a priest - it was good
That's The Vicar Of Dibley. A very funny show. The Christmas episodes crack me up.
madmark1 19 days ago
wow Don’t laugh but 4of15 I watch Star Trek quite a bit didn’t really keep up with a lot of the minor character names on certain episodes and other than Romeo and Juliet because I had to learn it in school never was big on Shakespeare so I guess that explains why I got 4 of 15.
SashaPayneDiaz madmark1 19 days ago
Nyuk! Nyuk!........sorry, couldn't help it.
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