Are these TV sleuths police detectives or private investigators?

Do you have an eye for private eyes?

Though most new detective series are about police investigators, many classic programs followed private sleuths solving all kinds of mysteries. Shows like Hawaii Five-O and Magnum, P.I. give it away in the title, but for others, it can be hard to remember which ones are about actual cops.

How well do you know classic TV detectives? Try to guess which of these sleuths are on the force and which ones aren’t!

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  1. Is Dragnet's Joe Friday a police detective or private investigator?
  2. Are the women of Charlie's Angels police detectives or private investigators?
  3. Columbo is a...
  4. Is Jessica Fletcher from Murder, She Wrote a police detective?
  5. Is Joe Mannix a police detective or private investigator?
  6. Kojak is a...
  7. Cannon is about a...
  8. Are Cagney and Lacey police detectives or private investigators?
  9. 77 Sunset Strip is about two...
  10. Robert T. Ironside is technically a consultant but for a police department or private clients?
  11. Does Sam McCloud work with a police force or as a private investigator?
  12. Is Jim Rockford a police detective or private investigator?
  13. Peter Gunn is a...

Are these TV sleuths police detectives or private investigators?

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country46 7 days ago
missed ironside didn't remember show that well
DavidBartholomew 1 month ago
Ironside was a tricky question! Robert T. Ironside was San Francisco Police Department Chief of Detectives (pilot). Shot in the back, and paralyzed, he was given Disability pension, but VOLUNTEER as a consultant for SFPD. Thru various scams, he lived at the police HQ, was given a Police Van for a personal vehicle, and his staff were all police employees
Stacy542 2 months ago
Did culumbo ever loose a case???
The opening of Columbo showed the murder being committed, and the murderer was clearly identified! You watched the crime being solved, but you already knew Columbo was after the right guy!
Resamh25 3 months ago
Loved these shows ❤
You got 13 out of 13
In this case, the facts are clear. You solved this quiz easily!
MaryBennett 4 months ago
awesome tv programs! Got 13 out of 13
MaryBennett 4 months ago
Awesome programs and still watch some of the reruns! Got 13 out of 13!

Supercat58 4 months ago
12 of 13. Only missed 77 Sunset Strip since I never saw it.
GPopwell 4 months ago
We need Kojak on MeTV!
Tyrell GPopwell 4 months ago
I'm only taking the quiz
John 4 months ago
13/13. Almost missed on Ironside.
CouchPotato19 4 months ago
"Cannon is about a..........." BIG SEXY MAN!!! OOOOHHH YEAH
dphotos 4 months ago
I missed on Ironside. I was never into that show so I just guessed. I got all the others correct.
LarryLeGros 4 months ago
13/13. This one was fairly easy.
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