Are you more Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck?

Are you the wascally wabbit? Or should we say, what's up, duck?

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Bugs and Daffy. These two Looney Tunes mainstays are probably the most recognizable characters of the whole bunch. Over the decades we've watched them bicker, team up, argue about if it's rabbit season or duck season and so much more.

But which of these classic 'toons are you more like? This morning on Toon In With Me, Toony the Tuna quizzed the voice of Daffy Duck, Eric Bauza, on which animated icon he was. Now you can find out too!

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  1. You see someone drop a $20 bill on the ground. Do you:
  2. Which snack would you prefer?
  3. Someone cuts in line in front of you. Do you:
  4. Which season do you prefer?
  5. Which way would you rather spend a Saturday?
  6. What TV show would you rather live in?
  7. It's late at night and your neighbor is keeping you up with a loud party. Do you:
  8. Which would you prefer:
  9. What's your favorite holiday of these two?
  10. Your friends admire you for your:
  11. You're accused of stealing something that you never touched. Do you:

Are you more Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck?

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MikefromJersey 6 months ago
"Ehh, what's up, doc? You're more like Bugs Bunny"

That's a good thing but Daffy - after his initial "crazy" version morphed into a version of Bob
Hope's 1940's movie characters - made me laugh more.
Gayleistoons 13 months ago
Some of these choices are horrid...maybe that's what's wrong today.
ww245 13 months ago
Ehhhhh, well doc, it's like this.....I've always been a rascally critter!
hyppymom 14 months ago
Of course I am most like Daffy Duck! He's my soul-toon!
gbell hyppymom 1 month ago
Hahahaa…your Spirit-Duck, as they say. 😉
JERRY6 14 months ago
wuz up doc iḿ a waskaly wabbit
Flash4001 14 months ago
What a Maroon
What an Im-Bessel
What a Gulla-Bull
What a Nin-Cow-Poop
TereBlessings 14 months ago
Ehh, what's up, doc? I'm more like Bugs Bunny
DIGGER1 14 months ago
Are you more Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck?
Ehh, what's up, doc? You're more like Daffy Duck
What's up, duck? Your emotions run close to the surface, which sometimes means that your temper can get the better of you — but just as often, it means that you go for what you want. You can adapt to new situations easily and could just as easily be a space-faring sci-fi hero, a cowboy, or a noir detective. You aren't afraid to speak up if you have something to say!

I like both Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck equally, but I've always considered myself to be more like Daffy. Don't ask me why. LOL!
Moverfan 14 months ago
Why are they asking about spring and fall? The only proper choices here are duck season and rabbit season!
JohnGrant 14 months ago
Good, I'm Daffy and the description is very accurate too. I find Daffy cartoons hilarious but Bugs is boring.
Marejim 14 months ago
I couldn't be Daffy. That would be des-picable!!
geisler2 14 months ago
more like Daffy Duck..Quack! Quack!..
LalaLucy 14 months ago
Bugs. But, not sure I'd really do either thing on some of those questions. Which Looney Tune is a more timid type? Can't really think of any...
SheriHeffner 14 months ago
I'm a Bugs. But I would have called the police on the loud party.
SheriHeffner 14 months ago
This comment has been removed.
Wolfie 14 months ago
And all along I thought I was the strong silent type (Gossamer!) 😅
TheSentinel Wolfie 14 months ago
Back when I first saw Gossamer as a little kid in the mid-'70s (long before I learned what his name was), I simply called him the "Heart Monster" because without his arms visible, his entire upper body was shaped just like a heart.
MikefromJersey Wolfie 6 months ago
Putting tennis shoes on a monster, genius! It struck me even as a child as a wonderful bit.
That is why these period Warner Brother cartoons are great American humor, just as
worthy of study as other Art. And Art they are.
Call me a low brow, but I get far more out of these toons than I ever got out of the
drab, dreary Mona Lisa, with her smile that spoke more of a gas attack after a bad
chili dinner at the Mayberry Diner than any beguiling mystery.
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