Do these facts belong to Kent McCord or Martin Milner?

You know they patrolled the streets of LA, but do you know which was in a horror film?

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When officers Pete Malloy and Jim Reed patrolled the streets of Los Angeles, they never knew what type of calls to expect. There couldn't have been a better casting for Adam-12 as Martin Milner and Kent McCord excelled as their characters.

Both actors have done some interesting things throughout their careers and personal lives, so we want to see if you know which one these facts belong to.

Good luck!

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  1. This Adam-12 star played Tod Stiles on Route 66.
  2. This actor had minor parts in several Elvis Presley films.
  3. This actor's middle name is Franklin.
  4. This actor co-hosted a radio show about fishing.
  5. This actor could be seen in the movie Nashville Beat.
  6. This actor drove a 1961 corvette from Chicago to Santa Monica in 1998.
  7. This actor hosted a morning radio show in 1983.
  8. This actor was close friends with musician and actor Rick Nelson.
  9. This actor dropped out of college to focus on acting.
  10. This Adam-12 star appeared in the 1990 film Predator 2.

Do these facts belong to Kent McCord or Martin Milner?

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DanDolgin 5 months ago
Just Now
5/10, I was at 100% for the first 4 questions, but then they got much harder after that. Most were guesses anyway. I knew Milner was older than McCord and answered appropriately using their ages as a guide.
stagebandman 8 months ago
No Airplane! 2? No Seaquest? I was all ready for those Kent McCord references!
Guinness 8 months ago
9/10 I hope I made them proud. I think I'll take 7 now.
dominicanbride1 8 months ago
7/10. They’re proud of me. ❤️
WGH 8 months ago
8 out of 10.

I knew watching all those TV shows and movies would pay off someday!

I loved it Adam 12. It was my favorite show as a kid along with Emergency and SWAT. Probably part of the reason I became a physician. I love helping people on their worst day.
sandbagger 8 months ago
9 out of 10,but I'll make up for the 1: Martin Milner had a small role in the movie " Compulsion" . He played a classmate of Brabford Dillman and John Stockwell. The movie was based on the 1920's Leopold/ Loeb murder trial.
musicman37 8 months ago
5/10, my only excuse is I've always been smitten with Kent McCord.
SusanTammy 8 months ago
7/10 looks like I need to study!
BlueRabbit20 8 months ago
Got 9 out of 10. I didn't know that Martin Milner had dropped out of college. Odds are he took courses whenever his schedule allowed and the right courses were open. LOVE ADAM -12!!!
AgingDisgracefully 8 months ago
Who played the father of TV's Robocop?
tootsieg 8 months ago
7/10. Missed #5, #7 and #9
kkvegas tootsieg 8 months ago
7/10. Missed #3, #7, and #9.
RazzMatazz71 8 months ago
1-ADAM-12, go to station watch commander's office, Code 2.
You only got 7 out of 10 right
JeffPaul76 8 months ago
"Here's the moment of truth. You got 6 out of 10." "Looks like this score got you down. Try again! ----I got 3, 4, 5, and 7 wrong.
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