Do these facts belong to Kent McCord or Martin Milner?

You know they patrolled the streets of LA, but do you know which was in a horror film?

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When officers Pete Malloy and Jim Reed patrolled the streets of Los Angeles, they never knew what type of calls to expect. There couldn't have been a better casting for Adam-12 as Martin Milner and Kent McCord excelled as their characters.

Both actors have done some interesting things throughout their careers and personal lives, so we want to see if you know which one these facts belong to.

Good luck!

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  1. This Adam-12 star played Tod Stiles on Route 66.
  2. This actor had minor parts in several Elvis Presley films.
  3. This actor's middle name is Franklin.
  4. This actor co-hosted a radio show about fishing.
  5. This actor could be seen in the movie Nashville Beat.
  6. This actor drove a 1961 corvette from Chicago to Santa Monica in 1998.
  7. This actor hosted a morning radio show in 1983.
  8. This actor was close friends with musician and actor Rick Nelson.
  9. This actor dropped out of college to focus on acting.
  10. This Adam-12 star appeared in the 1990 film Predator 2.

Do these facts belong to Kent McCord or Martin Milner?

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