Can we guess what year you graduated based on the school supplies you used?

Your pencils and folders reveal more than you think.

Homework and standardized tests are no fun, but school does have its upsides. Like recess, those little cartons of milk, field day, study hall and friends.

Of course, there were lots of cool gizmos and gadgets that went with it. At the end of each summer, our parents would take us to stock up on school supplies — pencils, protractors, folders, book bags, calculators….

The specific stuff you got probably reveals your age. Or so we hypothesize. Let's see if we can guess the year in which you graduated high school based on the following school supplies. Let us know how we did!
  1. Have you ever played this game?
    Image: Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium
  2. Did you ever use one of these?
    Image: Amazon
  3. Which folder would have been more common in your school?
  4. Did you ever fill out one of these?
  5. Which pencil were you more likely to use?
  6. Have you ever seen one of these Mr. Peanut Pencils?
    Image: LIFE Magazine
  7. What would you use to write an essay?
  8. How would you carry your books?
  9. Speaking of backpacks, did everyone in your school have one of these?
    Image: Jansport
  10. Do you know what these are?
  11. How about this? Did you ever use this?
  12. What model TI calculator did you use in math?
  13. What was your lunch box made of?
  14. Did a teacher ever give you one of these?
  15. On what device would you save your homework?

Can we guess what year you graduated based on the school supplies you used?

Your Result...

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Karen 8 months ago
Way off on this one. Are you a millennial? I graduated not in 1966, but 20 years later. We STILL didn't have much besides paper and pencil then! I needed the "bookbag" choice. The choice of the 2 folders didn't match what I remember. Plain, colored folders, I think.
BrianMoore 11 months ago
They got it right. I graduated in 1999.
JeffLove 11 months ago
It guessed mine correct. Class of 93.
sholsten 11 months ago
Wrong, it says I graduated in 1966, but actually my Class was '78
RickeyMulkey sholsten 11 months ago
Me too, But I was in 1974.
Diane62 24 months ago
I took the quiz multiple times with different answers and you gave me 1966 (I was 4 years old) and 2006 (late by 26 years). Not a very accurate quiz! Looks like the only options are 1966 and 2006---not very inclusive...
melanieofoz Diane62 15 months ago
I'm the same age as you and I got 1966 too. Tried changing some of my answers but still got 1966.
idkwut2use 24 months ago
'99? Nope, 2005!

-Never played Oregon Trail, but knew people who did.
-I'll always use Trapper-Keepers. Currently have some Lisa Frank ones and an eBay re-purchase of a design I'd spent ages trying to find; it was driving me absolutely mad.
-Speaking of Lisa Frank...I think I may have more LF stuff than anybody in the world save for Lisa herself, lol. Even including stickers meant for teachers to give students. And I've thankfully saved soooo much of my schoolwork and stuff going all the way back...
-Ahhhh, good old Scantron! Break out them #2 pencils...yellow, but alas no peanuts on top.
-I got to experience the whole gamut of developing technology. I used our typewriter a lot, then moved to the desktop computer, where I used Print Shop Deluxe Ensemble II for EVERYTHING until my dad introduced me to Microsoft Word for writing stories and essays. Then eventually I got my own desktop, and laptops. Used the smaller "floppy" discs in middle school, but also sometimes the bigger ones that actually flopped, for certain high school we switched to CDs, and later got flash drives as well.
-My backpacks were Lisa Frank, Disney, monogrammed neon L.L. Bean, etc. Never had a Jansport, but they were common. My favorite lunchboxes were vinyl LF ones (currently have one of those, plus some tin ones that came with collectible items.) That red plastic one looks exactly like the 101 Dalmatians one that is now a toolbox in my garage. ;)
-Used to buy tons of pencil grippers from the "general store" in elementary school--it was a glass case full of fun little supplies/toys/accessories and during the lunch period when it was your grade's turn to shop, you'd line up to go down the hall and buy some stuff. Made me feel so mature, shopping on my own. ^o^ Still took a long time to lose that "pencil finger-bump"; I finally figured out how to hold writing implements to get rid of it.
-I'm sure #11 was around but I never used one because it looks math-related and math is evil, it is known.
-I THINK we had TI-86s, but I'm not sure. Maybe we graduated through numbers as they improved?

Anyone else have any of those cool plastic pencil cases with the squishy magnetic lids and different compartments and things that would pop out like a Swiss army knife (sharpener and whatnot?)
RedSamRackham 24 months ago
* Got "1966" but graduated HS in 1967. Close enough. ☺
WILD 24 months ago
Way off. You graduated in 1966
You may not have had high tech school supplies, but you have the ultimate bragging right — Beatlemania and the British Invasion hit when you were in school. We'd take that over graphics calculators any day. If this was true, then I would have been a faster learner than Sheldon Cooper, because I was only born December 25, 1964. None of these "answers" applied to me because I grew up (and still live) in Montreal. In High School we carried our books in a vinyl Adidas Bag, we had yellow HB pencils and Bic pens not "electric" pencils, in Elementary School the teacher would give you a star sticker, we never used a calculator - we used paper and a pencil, those sheets of paper in #4 look more like a lottery that we have here in quebec called "Mise-O-Jeu" (Bet on the Game; where you choose who will win from a list of games from various sports), I have no idea what the "portfolio" is for, but it kind of resembles our copybooks that were filled with white pages that had blue horizontal lines,
going to school in the 70s - we never had video games (primitive or otherwise). We had a video game but it was for home use only, and it was the legendary game of Pong. I was always more of a pinball machine player anyway.

WILD WILD 24 months ago
And to top it all off, I didn't graduate... I retired.
MarilynSalterCintron 24 months ago
So wrong. I graduated in '85, not 2006 like they predicted. I thought it would be obvious given the questions.
How could you get 2006 with the amount of technology we had???? I graduated in 1986 and can't imagine scoring 2006. They told me 1966!
x60hz11 24 months ago
Class of '66??? I wasn't born till '67!! You guys were way off!!
WILD JoeyZone11 24 months ago
Your result was worse than mine. I got the same result but I wasn't born until Christmas Day 1964.
Karen x60hz11 8 months ago
Me too! I got 1966 and I was born in 1968. I think the person who designed this is a millennial with no clue about the lack of modern technology we had in the 70's and 80's.
Kiyone57 24 months ago
1966??? Off by 9 years (1975)
RedSamRackham 30 months ago
Graduated 8th grade 1963; High School in 1967. ☺
DouglasMorris 30 months ago
graduated in 1999? wrong! I graduated in 1991. over by 8 years.
JuneMiller 30 months ago
You graduated in 1966
You may not have had high tech school supplies, but you have the ultimate bragging right — Beatlemania and the British Invasion hit when you were in school. We'd take that over graphics calculators any day.

Not unless I was 10 ;)
JasonYoung 30 months ago
I actually graduated high school in 1987, community college in 1993.
Nightshade1972 36 months ago
"Class of 1993." Almost. Graduated HS in '90, graduated college in '95. I had an electric typewriter in college. Didn't get my own computer until two years later, when my parents upgraded to a new one and I got their old one.
LeeHarper 36 months ago
"You graduated in 1966" Nope. Class of '71 but it'd take more then fifteen questions to get it right. It was nice to see the old school supplies again.
WILD LeeHarper 24 months ago
It was except none of them were ones that I used other than pencil and paper.
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