Can we guess your age based on your Andy Griffith Show opinions?

Your Mayberry tastes can say a lot about you.

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Mayberry is home to all sorts of people, from little ones to esteemed elders. The Andy Griffith Show has been entertaining folks for generations.

What we're saying is that the classic sitcom is for people of all ages. But can the show guess the number of candles on your birthday cake?

Answer the following questions and see if your Andy Griffith Show–related opinions will reveal your true age!
  1. Would you want to live in Mayberry?
  2. Opie grew up to be a famous Hollywood director! Pick your favorite Ron Howard movie:
  3. If you were Andy, who would you have married?
  4. Getting hungry? Pick a place to get a bite in or around Mayberry.
  5. Which of these six characters makes you laugh the most?
  6. You have to see one Don Knotts movie tonight. Which one do you pick?
  7. If you lived in Mayberry, where would you most likely hang out?
  8. How do you feel about the color episodes of The Andy Griffith Show?
  9. Who has the best fashion sense?
  10. Let's end with a little music. Pick a musical act to listen to.
Can we guess your age based on your Andy Griffith Show opinions?

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LindaWilliams 19 days ago
Barney guesses that you are 25
Barney may be the best darn deputy around, but he has been known to be wrong. From time to time.
Way wrong I'll be 69 in 16 days
TinaMarieHaddadRhodes 23 days ago
They were in the ballpark.... Off by three years...
Heith 27 days ago
Lol barney says im 56 im 47 lol
GeneDavis 1 month ago
barny says i am 68 and am 69 pretty close
legion1a 1 month ago
If you're 70 and they guessed you to be 74, is that an insult or a compliment?
(Or close enough?)
television 2 months ago
Barn says I'm 25...I'm actually 63!
djw1120 2 months ago
This quiz has me at age 44?
Boy, are they way, way, way off.
I'm way past that age.
MrBill 5 months ago
Thanks METV for the age 44 guess; however I am 54 so you were 10 years off. Although I do not mind being mistaken for 10 years younger.
Brownthunder 5 months ago
Barney said I was 68, I'm 62 he was close
KennyNeal 6 months ago
I'm 56 Barney guessed that I am 44 , Thanks Barn,,,,,,,,,,,
KennyNeal KennyNeal 6 months ago
I thought they would be wrong
Deborah 6 months ago
Boy was Barney off! He says I’m 36 but I’m actually 70!!
TaraHagen 6 months ago
Barney says 44.....I'm 43 so pretty good!
Darlin 6 months ago
Thanks for the 56 Barney R.I.P. but I'm 72
Doc 6 months ago
Wow Barney said 44....I'm 62!! Lol!
Deepizzaguy 6 months ago
Nice try I am 57 years of age.
djw1120 6 months ago
Pretty close.
MeTV said I am 68 when I am really 61.
Paul 6 months ago
Close. I scored 56 and I'm 59.
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