Can you complete the titles of these classic newspaper comic strips?

Time to get down to funny (pages) business.

It was always the first thing we turned to in the newspaper. If we're being honest, it still is. Forget the stock prices and sports scores. We want to laugh. 


That's why the funny pages have lasted so long. Some titles have been telling jokes for decades — nearly a century. Of course, there were comic strips devoted to adventure and romance, too.

Below, you will find some of the longest-running comic strips in newspaper history. See if you can complete their names!

  1. @#$%! Bailey
    Image: King Features Syndicate
  2. Brenda @#$%!, Reporter
    Image: Tribune
  3. Hi and @#$%!
    Image: King Features Syndicate
  4. Prince @#$%!
    Image: King Features Syndicate
  5. @#$%! Alley
    Image: Tribune
  6. Alley @#$%!
    Image: United Enterprise Association
  7. Barney @#$%! and Snuffy Smith
    Image: King Features Syndicate
  8. Gil @#$%!
    Image: Tribune
  9. Rex @#$%!, M.D.
    Image: King Features Syndicate
  10. Wizard of @#$%!
    Image: Creators Syndicate
  11. Terry and the @#$%!
    Image: Tribune
  12. Secret Agent @#$%!
    Image: King Features Syndicate
Can you complete the titles of these classic newspaper comic strips?

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booster 7 days ago
12/12 Guessed on the last one.
EllisClevenger 8 days ago
You got 12 out of 12
You solved those mysteries like Dick Tracy! Well done!
MissTheOldDays 11 days ago
You got 11 out of 12
You solved those mysteries like Dick Tracy! Well done!
AlF 13 days ago
12/12. Amazing in light of that I never read the "soap-opery" ones. Just remembered the names, I guess...
MrsPhilHarris 13 days ago
12/12 Had to guess a few but most I remember.
csaaphill 14 days ago
Arcamax has or had most of these I have or had a subscription on there but can't get them to email me them anymore not sure why. NO! they are not on my spam list either just not sure why. But yeah great comics although the ones I guessed on never read and or heard of. OR can't remember.
csaaphill 14 days ago
10/12 and should have been less, but a couple was educated guesses.
Read most of those though. Prince Valient I liked, Snuffy Smith, Bettle Bailey, Wizard of Id, etc. Surprised LIL Abner wasn't there.
AllisonWunderland 14 days ago
12/12 today! Funny how after all these years I can still remember the good ole comics from back in the day...😊😉
DK 14 days ago
12/12 and I had to guess on 3 :)
JeffTanner 14 days ago
''You got 12 out of 12'' ------------You solved those mysteries like Dick Tracy! Well done!
MrsP58 14 days ago
And I still remember (the 1960's version) of the GORGEOUS Brenda Starr, always hunting for her love, the equally GORGEOUS Basil St. John with his eye patch and always hunting the elusive black orchid to create the serum that kept him alive.
MrsP58 14 days ago
I remember not only the comics, but TV cartoons of "Barney Google, with his goo- goo- googly eyes."
Lacey 15 days ago
12/12 I read a lot of comics as a child.
MarchLeeWarn 15 days ago
I got them all, and remember having read all of them except Gill Thorp. Comics are a hobby and mania of mine. My house is full of comic strip compilation. I justify their existence by telling myself that I am saving them for my grandson when he is old enough to read and enjoy them. In the newspapers anymore you damn near need a magnifying glass to read them because the paper shrinks them to save space. I find that totally disrespectful.
Joseph 15 days ago
12/12. A few guesses, but mostly from memory. Beetle Bailey and The Wizard Of Id are still running in my local newspaper.
UTZAAKE 15 days ago
8. Anyone who read the Chicago Tribune back in the day remembers that Gil Thorp was one of various comic strips that were always in the pages of its sports section. Always preferred Rick O'Shay ( and Trim's Arena, though.
scp 15 days ago
12 out of 12.

I've been buying the Prince Valiant reprints by Fantagraphics that cover two years at a time (they're up to the mid-1970's. I know they've made some movies over the decades and an animated series, but I'm surprised one of the premium cable channels or streaming services hasn't snapped it up: over 80 years of storylines full of epic quests, drama, humor, violence, and shockingly risqué plot points and images (especially when you consider that some of them are Sunday comic strips that ran in the 1930's).
Mydoglucky9 15 days ago
My dad liked these comics so I can remember some of them. I totally guessed the last one, but I got 12 out of 12.
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