Can you figure out what show Darren McGavin is in?

Are you looking at Kolchak, or any one of the several characters played by Darren McGavin?


From Westerns, to sitcoms and anthology, there weren't too many television genres Darren McGavin didn't appear in. 

He had an active career for well over fifty years. He might be best known for his recurring film and television role of Carl Kolchak, the investigative journalist the hunts down a story no matter how strange or how difficult it may be. 

Aside from the pair of movies and Kolchak: The Night Stalker TV series, McGavin had a busy career. 

Can you guess which show he's in with the images below?

  1. What show is Darren McGavin in here?
  2. In this series, McGavin's character took a couple bullets. What show is it?
  3. What show is he in here?
  4. What Western show is McGavin in here?
  5. McGavin appeared in several shows with a cowboy hat. Can you tell what show he's in here?
  6. Here, McGavin takes a phone call on...
  7. In what show does McGavin's character knock out the woman pictured?
  8. What show is he in here?
  9. Here he's in...
     Image: Paramount Domestic Television
  10. Here he's the subject of a television interview. What show is it?
  11. Which Western is he in here?
  12. What show is this image of McGavin from?

Can you figure out what show Darren McGavin is in?

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DethBiz 19 months ago
9 out of 12. Missed 1, 5 and 11. That makes me want to start talking like Lon Gorman.
RichLorn 19 months ago
When McGavin played in a western, he always carried an official Red Ryder carbine action, 200-shot, range model air rifle with a compass in the stock.
seadog8789 19 months ago
Love Night Stalker!!!! Watch it every Saturday night!!!!❤️❤️❤️
jackbennyfan 19 months ago
I missed 6. I was stumped on the westerns. I really like doing the quizzes.
BuckeyeBeth 19 months ago
6/12 I have never been very good at telling the difference between the Alfred Hitchcock‘s and Twilight Zones. I also didn’t do that good at guessing the b&w westerns 😕

I wish the MeTV creators had told who is the very familiar looking woman he’s sharing the photo with. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s Debbie Reynolds? Please feel free to confirm or deny my guess.
donniedeporte 19 months ago
8 of 12. Became a fan of his as a kid when Nightsalker movies and show were on. Had recognized him from reruns on other shows.
JHP 19 months ago
3/12 - B/W western profile shots - c'mon man!
Runeshaper 19 months ago
4/12 ouch! Darren McGavin was a cool 😎 dude
Moriyah 19 months ago
6/12! MeTV should really start posting more Gomer stories and quizzes soon. They should also post more Gomer videos as well. Because I haven't seen any of those this year either
Maverick66 19 months ago
5/12. Nothing from "A Christmas Story"? 🙂
texasluva 19 months ago
I Stalked until I found 8/12 🕵🏻‍♂️-
CaptainDunsel 19 months ago
Except for the Kolchak images, all guesses - and obviously not good ones.
BuckeyeBeth CaptainDunsel 19 months ago
Exact same score for me for the exact same reasons.
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