Can you fill in the missing lyrics to The Addams Family theme song?

They're creepy and they're… what again?

One of the best parts about watching classic TV is singing along to all the great theme songs. The Brady Bunch opening song is hard to get out of your head. Same goes for the whistling at the beginning of each Andy Griffith Show episode. But it’s hard to find a more iconic theme song that the one for The Addams Family.

The snaps, the quirky rhymes and the melody all combine to make the perfect tune for TV’s most macabre family.

How well do you know this famous theme song? See if you can fill in all the right lyrics below!

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  1. They’re creepy and they’re...
  2. Mysterious and...
  3. They’re all together...
  4. The Addams fam-i-ly! Their house is a...
  5. When people come to...
  6. They really are a...
  7. The Addams fam-i-ly! What three words come next?
  8. …then?
  9. …and then?
  10. So put a ______ shawl on
  11. A ______ you can crawl on
  12. ______ gonna pay a call on the Addams fam-i-ly!

Can you fill in the missing lyrics to The Addams Family theme song?

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NancyEddy 1 month ago
!0 is totally wrong. It's "So gather witya shawl on" Slang for 'with your'. Sounds like "witch ya".
JeffPaul76 4 months ago
''You got 12 out of 12'' --------Forget applause, you deserve snaps! ----Great job! I watched it once in awhile as a kid, but every day, or evening now as an adult! I sing-a-long with it.
AlbertHanson 4 months ago
12/12. I loved this show as a kid.
LH 4 months ago
Crazy… I remembered every word to that theme song but I never liked the show so I rarely watched it!
JHP 5 months ago
12/12 - the 2nd best show theme (am partial to the Munsters theme)
JeffPaul76 JHP 4 months ago
But The Munster's theme doesn't have any lyrics!
JHP JeffPaul76 3 months ago
yer right - its personal taste - like them both but am partial to the muster theme

remember another highly rated theme came from SWAT - and no lyrics
Connie 5 months ago
So GET a witch's shawl on ...
TSeym22 5 months ago
Wow, easiest one ever! 10/10
TSeym22 TSeym22 5 months ago
Whoop! Meant 12/12
tinadugle3 5 months ago
Have loved this show all my life!!
sierra127 5 months ago
8 out of 12. Aaa. Not so good here.
Voyage_Lover_32 5 months ago
12/12. I enjoy theme songs too much!
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