Can you fill in these classic Universal horror movie titles with the right monster?

Which monster had a bride? And who met the Wolf Man?

Image: The Everett Collection

The classic Universal horror movies are the most iconic franchise in scary movie history. A loose collection (sometimes directly related to each other, sometimes not) of monster and mad scientist movies released between the 1930s and 1950s, these frightening flicks are a spooky-season tradition for many fans.

Even if you haven’t seen any classic Universal horror movies, you likely know the monsters these films made famous: Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, Wolf Man, the Mummy, the Invisible Man and the Creature from the Black Lagoon.

We’ve gathered together the many sequels and spinoff films centered around Universal’s iconic horror characters. Can you fill in the blank of each title with the right monster?

  1. The Bride of ______
  2. The ______'s Curse
  3. ______ Meets the Wolf Man
  4. ______'s Daughter
  5. Revenge of the ______
  6. The Ghost of ______
  7. The ______ Returns
  8. The ______’s Hand
  9. The ______'s Revenge
  10. The ______'s Ghost

Can you fill in these classic Universal horror movie titles with the right monster?

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MrBill 6 hours ago
6/10; I only knew about half of these and had to guess on the rest. These movies were made before I was even born.
Tresix 2 days ago
10/10. I definitely know my movie monsters, especially the Universal Studios ones.
dmirarh Tresix 15 hours ago
OMG, I sure do not. You got 4 out of 10
RichLorn 2 days ago
My favorite line from Abbott & Costello meets Frankenstein:
(Talbot) "Soon the moon will rise, and I'll turn into a wolf."
(Costello) "You and 20 million other guys."
KevinButler 2 days ago
You also didn't list"Invisible Agent"...with Jon Hall" as a decentent of"Dr.John Griffin"..who is hired by The U.S.Government to use his invisibility formula to find out about The Nazi's plans and to turn them over to the American allies to defeat this villains.
Tresix KevinButler 2 days ago
What is a “decentent”?
I'm sure you know what they meant to say...
These days with new words keep popping up (especially slang)…
KevinButler 2 days ago
Lonnie Chaney,Jr's"Larry Talbot"/"The Wolf Man" was also seen in"The House Of Frankenstein","The House Of Dracula" and "Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein".
AdrianeHarris 2 days ago
Love These movies since I was a kid!!
Bring back the courtship of eddies father!!
TSeym22 2 days ago
#9 got me, too. And I missed #3 because I couldn't remember who met the Wolf Man!
AdrianeHarris TSeym22 2 days ago
9 was tricky because there is movie called "The Creature's Revenge" but it is NOT a Creature from the Black Lagoon movie, that sequel was called "Revenge of the Creature". Glad to clear up the confusion.
Ready2go 2 days ago
Rats, 9/10.
musicman37 Ready2go 2 days ago
Seems alot of us got tripped by #9. 9/10 for me, but a lame and too easy quiz for us seasoned horror movie watchers.
LalaLucy 2 days ago
7/10. Crud feathers. Watch a lot of these films but got my brain crossed on a few.
Tresix LalaLucy 2 days ago
Love “crud feathers”! 😂
kevopilis 2 days ago
AArhg! #9 got me. Pesky Invisible man.
dodgebob kevopilis 2 days ago
Didn't see that coming.........BOOM
Dayna 2 days ago
7 and 9 are the same question
barrier Dayna 2 days ago
I thought so too! But it’s “Returns” and “Revenge”! Love these movies, but never really an invisible man fan.
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