Can you name what series Sheldon Leonard, creator of The Andy Griffith Show, is in?

Did you know the creator of The Andy Griffith Show played in these roles across classic TV?

The name Sheldon Leonard should absolutely ring a bell for fans of The Andy Griffith Show. That's because he was the co-creator of the smash series which hit the air back in 1960. 

Creating the world of Mayberry was enough to be a career-defining achievement, but there was plenty more to his career both before and after The Andy Griffith Show. Leonard, before producing shows like TAGS, I Spy, Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. and The Dick Van Dyke Show, could be seen in a number films created in the 1940s. 

Leonard also made plenty of brief appearances across classic TV before, during and after The Andy Griffith Show was on the air. Can you name these classic shows The Andy Griffith Show creator was in? 

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  1. Playing the role of himself, in what show does Lucy think he's a mobster?
  2. What show does Sheldon Leonard play the role of Sid Nelson?
  3. What show does Leonard appear in as a casino tipster, giving some good and not so good suggestions on where to place bets?
  4. What show does Leonard appear in as movie director Norman Miles?
  5. Sheldon Leonard plays the role of suspected mob man in...
  6. He plays the role of an up-selling salesman in....
  7. In what show does Leonard play the role of grandfather Josef Polniaczek?
    Image: Sony Pictures Entertainment
  8. What show is Sheldon Leonard in here?
  9. Leonard delivers a mean off-screen punch through this doorway in...

Can you name what series Sheldon Leonard, creator of The Andy Griffith Show, is in?

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paulat0805 12 hours ago
6 out of 9. Sheldon Leonard was also in one of the Thin Man movies with William Powell & Myrna Loy - can’t remember which one though! He played a blackmailer and was great as usual!
RichLorn 5 days ago
The quiz started before I was ready.
JERRY6 5 days ago
7 of 9 not bad , just going by background pics
cperrynaples 6 days ago
BONUS Question: What short-lived sitcom did Leonard star on in the mid-'70's?
Yep, and his wife was played by Sheree North, best remembered as Kramer's mother on Seinfeld! She only had one word, which was Kramer's first name! Do you remember what it was? Hint: It probably came from a classic '50's sitcom!
Are you referring to the episode "The Switch".
Yep, George hires Babs to spy on his girlfriend and she blurts out the name "Cosmo" to a surprised George! The sitcom I was referring to was Topper with Leo G. Carroll, better known as Mr. Waverly on The Man From Uncle!
Jeffrey 7 days ago
''You got 6 out of 9'' ------Well, this quiz didn't payout like you wanted it to. Better luck with another one! ----I got 3, 7 and 8 wrong.
Moverfan Jeffrey 6 days ago
I missed 3, 8 and 9--so between us, we got 7 out of 9. Not too bad!
RickTaylor 7 days ago
9/9. "Big Max Calvada" is my favorite D.V.D. episode. Sheldon and henchman Bernard (Arthur Batanides-"the kid breaks me up") is awesome deadpan humor. Sheldon as police lieutenant in To Have And Have Not opposite Bogey and Bacall is a must see.
bagandwallyfan52 7 days ago
My Favorite Producers are Sheldon
Leonard Sherwood Schwartz (Gilligan's Island)and Garry Marshall
Who was the producer of Happy Days.
How many did you get right and/or wrong?
I'm getting ready to take the quiz right now.
dmirarh 8 days ago
You got 7 out of 9, ME needs more Lisa Whelchel
FLETCH 8 days ago
8 out of 9, much better than I expected!
DethBiz 8 days ago
8 out of 9. Missed #8. He was great in the Abbott & Costello movie Hit The Ice.
ironman2000 8 days ago
9 of 9 I only quess on the last question because I had the fortune to see all of the episodes he was in accept for the last question.
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