Can you find the one TV that is NOT from the 1960s?

Which set is not a '60s tube?

Image: Magnavox / RCA / Admiral / Westinghouse / Sylvania / Zenith

Television sets have come in all different shapes and sizes over the years, from giant cabinets with tiny round screens to enormous screens that are flat as a pancake.

Here are 12 different TVs from years past. All but one of them is from the 1960s. Can you spot the one that isn’t?

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  1. Which one of these television sets is NOT from the 1960s?

Can you find the one TV that is NOT from the 1960s?

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Morella72 13 days ago
Found it! Thanks for this quiz. It reminded me when I was little that you had to get up and change the channel or volume when your parents told you.
hazy321 16 days ago
Got it on my first shot!! TV's were so much more a part of the family on whole. Not like these plastic invaders that just stare coldly at you! I love the console sets of the 60's and early 70's.
McGillahooala 16 days ago
It took four guesses for me. For some reason I was looking for one that was older.
IndianaRockz 16 days ago
Got it 1st guess.

I read recently the only tvs made in the good old USA now are the weatherproof ones people mount outdoors by their patio/recreation/pool areas. That's a shame. 📺
Matsui 16 days ago
Find it the First Time! That TV is from 1972! You found it!
Jeremy 16 days ago
I was confused. I was trying to think 1950s. Find the one from the 1950s. Should've went a little forward.
JayBurd 16 days ago
The second try was the ticket
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