Can you guess the names of these popular toys from 1968?

What was on wish lists half a century ago?

If you sat on Santa's knee in 1968, there's a good chance you asked for one of these toys.

We've gathered some of the hottest kid products — dolls, board games, cars and action figures — from that year's Sears catalog. Some of these things can still be found stocked on toy aisles. Others have faded in collectability.

Even if you weren't around back then, we bet you can take a good guess at the names. It was the late 1960s, after all. Good luck!
  1. These tiny Mattel cars were introduced in 1968.
    Image: Sears / Wishbook Web
  2. These cowboy figures came from which popular television Western?
    Image: Sears / Wishbook Web
  3. This action hero known as "America's Movable Fighting Man" went to space in 1968.
    Image: Sears / Wishbook Web
  4. Who could forget these boxing, battling robots?
    Image: Sears / Wishbook Web
  5. Kids could take a swing at these punchable inflatable bags.
    Image: Sears / Wishbook Web
  6. The players were hard to control, but it sure was fun.
    Image: Sears / Wishbook Web
  7. This "Seaview" model and plastic whale were tie-in toys for which TV show?
    Image: Sears / Wishbook Web
  8. This "Landrover" was a toy promoting which popular TV show? Note the lion wearing glasses.
    Image: Sears / Wishbook Web
  9. This astronaut action figure was a must-have in the space age.
    Image: Sears / Wishbook Web
  10. This was the first board game designed to be played in the dark. It glowed!
    Image: Sears / Wishbook Web
  11. Polly Poppy, Daffi Dill and Dizzy Daisy were all part of this super '60s toy line.
    Image: Sears / Wishbook Web
  12. The pocket-sized dolls lived in a groovy house.
    Image: Sears / Wishbook Web
  13. Mattel made these dolls with mod clothing and accessories.
    Image: Sears / Wishbook Web

Can you guess the names of these popular toys from 1968?

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Lacey 13 months ago
10/13 and most of the ones I missed were doll names.
I am not sure what that means.
ImdaPrincesse 13 months ago
The Wishbook Web is an amazing place to waste time..
tjritter79 14 months ago
Had most of these myself. Even had the Daktari set made by Corgi. Had all the Corgi collectible vehicles: Yellow Submarine, Batmobile & Batboat, Black Beauty, Monkeemobile, James Bond's Astin Martin. If only I still had these today....
Douglas 14 months ago
Just an observation about image of the electronic football game. It probably wasn't from 1968. The teams shown were from before 1960 season. The NFL added 4 more teams by 1968.
tjritter79 Douglas 14 months ago
More teams were on the sides, not shown in the picture.
I got this myself as a gift from Sears that year. Rams/Packers
flasteve 14 months ago
Us guys without sisters had to guess on the doll one's. I got the Kiddles, but not the other two. I totally blew the Punch-Me's. I had a Major Matt Mason, but alas, too much bending made the wires come out of his body.... I was 11 in 68. Anybody else remember the little felt footballs with the Electric Football Games ? 10/13 for me.
tjritter79 flasteve 14 months ago
I remember Sea Devils, around that time too?
ImdaPrincesse flasteve 13 months ago
We had a Bozo Punch Me...
mimi2 14 months ago
I got green ghost for Christmas and it was a bid dud. Nothing at all like you saw on TV. I think I played it twice and that was it. Big dud!
Geronimo 14 months ago
Pow! You really knock this one out!...........................12/13
DaleGarland 14 months ago
Surprisingly got 10 out of 13. I pretty much guessed at the..."girly toys", I was 10 years old in 1968 and had an older sister that was 8 years older than me, so she wasn't still playing with dolls. I actually had more than a few of those "boys toys" above, especially the Hot Wheels. Many of those images brought back some fond MEmories.
I also had plenty of superhero type toys ( mostly Superman & Batman ) as well as Green Hornet, Lone Ranger, James Bond, etc., toy guns and holsters, masks and so on. Nowadays I suppose it's politically incorrect to have such "violent" toys not to mention such stereotypical "gender-specific" toys.
MrBill 14 months ago
9/13; never heard of 10, 11 and 13 and missed those as well as Punch-Me. I could not think of the name of that toy but I remember it despite being only 4 in 1968.
dmak66 14 months ago
11/13, I missed 11 and 13, I turned 2 in 1968!
Tresix dmak66 14 months ago
Wow, those were the two I missed as well! I was 8 then. I remember the Matt Mason figure, although we DID call them "boy dolls"! I don't think the term "action figure" came along until the Eighties.
Brian 14 months ago
I grew up in the 60s, and yet remember few of these. We did have that vibrating football game, which was absolutely worthless (like a lot of toys in that era, so don't get me started!). The actual football in our version of the game (older) was brown fuzz squished into a football shape, if memory serves.

So many toys from that era were poorly conceived, and a waste of money. As one example, I had a remote-controlled car, and the handheld controller had a heavy-gage wire running to the back of the car. You could literally control the car better by pushing it with that wire.

Plus the sixties-era batteries: held little power; didn't last long; and were too expensive. Many of us kids back then were given one set of batteries with toys that needed them, and we were told that was all the batteries we were going to get, so make them last. They didn't!

The next nighttime power outage usually proved that we "found" batteries for our toys. "Gee, the batteries in our only flashlight are completely dead... wow, really... how did that happen?" Most of us were terrible liars back then. Thanks for reading my post.
Tresix Brian 14 months ago
Back then, the football game was cool. It was years later when they fiddled with the players' bases that it became screwy because you had to figure out which way to adjust the base in order to get the players to run straight.
Wayne2049 14 months ago
The dolls killed my score. I vaguely recognized one from my sister, but the rest were complete mysteries. Yes, I grew up in a era where boys played with guns, action figures, toy cars, and construction toys, while girls played with dolls. Oh the horror of it all, we shall all be forever be scarred. By the way, that was sarcasm.
Gregory 14 months ago
I actually hada few of these, notably the Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots, the GI Joe astronaut, and the Hot Wheels loop track (and many Hot Wheels cars). One thing that's shown in a picture, but wasn't part of the question, is the Kreskin's ESP game. Anybody remember that one?
Tampammm 14 months ago
Loved the Rock em Sock em Robots! No matter which of my friends game we played on, one of the robots was always more sensitive and would lose every time,,,,LoL.
Russ 14 months ago
10/13 I didn't know the dolls
David 14 months ago
I would have really loved to get the blurred out toy on the left in Q7.
5....4....3....2.....1. [ ??? ] Are Go!
Any Canucks, Brits or Aussies here?
SheriHeffner 14 months ago
I got 9 out of 13, but I was born in 1963, and was only five then, I remember the Rock Em Sock Em Robots because my cousin got one in the 1970s. I guessed the rest and didn't the late Erin Moran star in Daktari?
David SheriHeffner 14 months ago
Same age. Major Matt Mason and GI Joe weren't gimmes ?!?
Brownthunder 14 months ago
7 out 13 I didn't remember many of these toys. I was born in 1956
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