Can you guess the sitcom just from the star's visiting family?

Prove you remember everybody and their uncle on classic sitcoms!

Family's always welcome, and that's never more true than on classic sitcoms, where the most distant family members have been dropping by since TV's earliest days.

Think you can remember every brother, sister, cousin and uncle who ever turned up on your TV set? We've got 10 extended family members from sitcoms we watched from the 1950s to the 1980s. 

See if you can guess every show just from these memorable visiting relatives. Good luck!
  1. Cousin Pearl was a frequent face seen on which classic sitcom?
  2. This mother-in-law was always messing up her son-in-law's name on which classic sitcom?
  3. Uncle Fester became an iconic character in his own right from which classic sitcom?
    Image: MGM Television
  4. In the middle of this scene is a brother we saw drop by a few times on which classic sitcom?
  5. Mr. and Mrs. Tyler dropped by for a very special occasion on which sitcom?
  6. She played the mom of the star of this classic sitcom, and she was his mom in real life, too. Which TV show is she on?
  7. This is the sister of the star of which hit sitcom?
  8. Cousin Dusty had a special favor to ask when he stopped by this sitcom: a donated kidney. Which show did it he make that ask on?
  9. When Uncle Albert dropped by this sitcom, it caused the star of the show great distress:
  10. There's something off about cousin Bradford, and it's up to the star of which show to figure it out?
Can you guess the sitcom just from the star's visiting family?

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EdCaf 18 days ago
When in doubt about a question and one of the answers is Alf...chose Alf.
scp 20 days ago
10 out of 10.

Hard to believe, because #7 was soooooooo tricky!
leebilly 21 days ago
hard one, neeeeed new quizzess
daDoctah 23 days ago
Is that Steve Franken (Chatsworth Armstrong from "Dobie Gillis") in the Odd Couple picture?
MaryHelen 23 days ago
# 8 "Which show did it he make that ask on?" HUH????
Tampammm 23 days ago
No. 2 had 2 correct answers as Endora was always messing up son-in-law "Darrin''s" name on "Bewitched". Her favorite was "Durwood".
garykevinware Tampammm 23 days ago
'This' mother-in-law refers to the one in the picture, and therefore you're wrong.
anthony 24 days ago
8/10.Second guessing got me on number 8,and wow!I can't believe I missed the TAGS one.I know that actor,but I don't believe i've ever seen that episode.
AndrewHass 25 days ago
I was 10/10 but it was an easy quiz IMO even though there was a couple of questions i had to think about for a second or two.
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