Can you guess the TV Western from just one character?

You only get one shot to know these Westerns or not.

Because the settings so often stay the same (and some shows even used the same sets!), TV Westerns are all about character development, but how much were you paying attention while watching the best Western shows?

Scroll through the names below and see if you can match all these recurring characters to the correct Western series every time.

This one's not for beginners, so we recommend only the straightest shooters move on ahead. You only get one shot to get it right. Good luck!
  1. This character was a master of disguise on which show: ARTEMUS GORDON
  2. This character briefly joined his brothers on which Western: BEAUREGARDE
  3. This Western's star was also known by this name: DON DIEGO DE LA VEGA
  4. This assistant to a wagon cook had one of TV Western's best nicknames: HARKNESS "MUSHY" MUSHGROVE III
  5. On this Western, he was the highest ranking of the household staff: SILAS
  6. She was known as the local town gossip on which Western: HARRIET OLESON
  7. This troublemaker tried to reform his life working on which TV Western: GRIFF KING
  8. This kid shows up with a tall tale that is father is a famous frontiersman on which Western: BARNABY WEST
  9. She was a smart businesswoman and owner of the General Store on which Western: LOU MALLORY
  10. You deserve an easy one to finish. He was a gunsmith who rose up to become deputy on which Western: NEWLY O'BRIEN
Can you guess the TV Western from just one character?

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EllisClevenger 4 months ago
You got 8 out of 10
You zipped right through this quiz!
Missed #7 and #8.
nerakr 5 months ago
10/10. And I don't even like westerns.
ElaineDominy 5 months ago
Lou Mallory owned the Mallory House hotel, and Beauregard Maverick was a cousin to Bret and Bart 😬
leebillyold 5 months ago
good 10/10 Hop Sing is on Bonanza
Brownthunder 5 months ago
I liked Silas on the big valley, I think his character was to laid back,
guest2020 5 months ago
All those Saturdays watching westerns with my Daddy has paid off. I got 10/10.
anthony 5 months ago
8/10.💃💃💃I usually don't bring out the ladies unless I ace a quiz,but for a westerns quiz 8/10/ is more of an accomplishment for me then getting a perfect score on some other quizzes.
JeffTanner 5 months ago
You got 8 out of 10 ------------You zipped right through this quiz!
ndebrabant 5 months ago

You got 10 out of 10
You zipped right through this quiz!
LeeHarper 5 months ago
10 out of 10. If I didn't know, I just looked for the shows on METV.
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