Can you guess what show these Flintstones voice actors are in?

You’ve heard them in Bedrock, now see them all over classic TV!

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The Flintstones has stood the test of time, becoming an animated favorite of many different generations since its debut over six decades ago. It proved that cartoons could work in primetime and that the directors of Tom and Jerry shorts, William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, might be on to something with their new company.

Bedrock is full of familiar TV faces — well, voices. The cast included animation legends like Mel Blanc and Janet Waldo as well as sitcom stars like Bea Benaderet and Howard Morris.

Here is the cast of The Flintstones in live-action programs from the Fifties and Sixties. Can you guess which show each image is from?

  1. Wilma's voice actor Jean Vander Pyl played the mother of a class know-it-all in which sitcom?
  2. Fred Flintstone’s voice actor Alan Reed played an auctioneer in…
  3. Barney Rubble was one of Mel Blanc’s many voices. This rare live-action appearance is in…
  4. Howard Morris voiced over 100 Flintstones characters. He’s also famous for this role in which show?
  5. Betty Rubble voice Bea Benaderet had many live-action roles, including starring in which sitcom?
  6. John Stephenson voiced Fred’s boss Mr. Slate among many other characters. Here he is in…
  7. Hal Smith voiced many characters in Bedrock. He also brought a bit of his Mayberry character Otis to which show?
  8. Henry Corden voiced Ben Cartrock in The Flintstones’ Bonanza parody along with two-dozen other characters. Which show is he in here?
  9. Allan Melvin provided the voice of many modern stone age characters in The Flintstones. Here he is in…
  10. Harvey Korman voiced the Great Gazoo in The Flintstones but is most famous for The Carol Burnett Show. What is he in here?
  11. Janet Waldo voiced Wilma’s mom and appeared in many live-action shows including this one…

Can you guess what show these Flintstones voice actors are in?

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