Can you match these hairstyles to the correct Brady?

There's plenty of far-out hairstyles in this quiz, don't get it tangled!


Long, short, straight, curly and messy.... The Brady Bunch had all sorts of hairstyles! 

The girls all had hair of gold, but some had longer hair than others. The boys all had short hair... that is until it grew longer as they grew up! 

See if you can recongnize your favorite member of the Bunch by just their hairstyle alone! 

Some characters are in here more than once, so choose your answer carefully! 

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  1. This short hairstyle belongs to who?
  2. Which of the Brady boys does this wig belong to?
  3. Who sports this hair of gold?
  4. Which Brady young lady wore her hair in curls?
  5. Back to the boys, can you tell who sported this look?
  6. How about this one?
  7. This long hair belong to which Brady girl?
  8. This version of curly hair belonged to who?
  9. The trend of long-haired girls continues with this look. Whose head belongs under this hair?
  10. Back to the shorter side. Whose hair is this?
  11. This hairdo is all over the place! Which Brady child does it belong to?
  12. How about this look?

Can you match these hairstyles to the correct Brady?

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Coldnorth 21 months ago
Did awful. I hang my head in shame
JanFresh 21 months ago
11/12 I've literally watched this show a gazillion and one times throughout my life.
bradyguy JanFresh 16 months ago
Literally? A Gazillion?

Or figuratively? LOL
327053 22 months ago
10/12 You can almost see there faces in these 😁
jtrain 22 months ago
11/12, got #6 wrong.
Jackhammer jtrain 1 month ago
Me too.. Thought it was Mike's hair
Moverfan 22 months ago
9/12. So the answer to the title question is...yeah, mayyybe...?
paul 22 months ago
That was a great quiz 10/12. Not bad for this Brady fan!!😎
AllisonWunderland 22 months ago
12/12…Great hair day! Finally aced one, haven’t done that in a while 😎
Did Maggie help you with the quiz? Ha ha. Great job getting all that hair straight. 👍
Thanks… (of course she did 😉)
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