Can you guess which classic show Don Rickles is on?

He brought his hilarious personality to dozens of sketch shows, sitcoms and even branched out into science fiction.

The nickname "Mr. Warmth" fit Don Rickles about as well as a tutu on a hippo, at least as far as his stage personality went. He was the king of comedy roasts and never met someone he couldn't take a humorous jab at.

Offstage, Rickles was known for his big heart, the complete opposite of the grouchy characters he played in movies and on TV.  

Here are ten memorable Don Rickles characters from classic shows. Can you match each one to the right program?

  1. What show is Don Rickles in here?
  2. Which Western is Rickles in here?
  3. Rickles appeared alongside Batman villain Burgess Meredith in which series?
  4. Rickles was a tough Navy trainer in which sitcom?
  5. Rickles played a shoe salesman in which sketch show?
  6. Rickles couldn't believe his eyes on which show?
  7. Rickles played Newton Monroe in which show?
  8. What show is Rickles in here?
  9. Rickles got stuck in an elevator on which show?
  10. Things went south at a horse race for Rickles on which show?

Can you guess which classic show Don Rickles is on?

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RedSamRackham 17 days ago
* Don Rickles is like 3 Stooges. Most guys enjoy his comedy while most gals do not. Yet he indeed made televised roasts fun to watch! ☺
Jamesatkinson 17 days ago
50% : dont know my Don Rickles very well.
Tasha2003 18 days ago
6/10. I made many rookie mistakes. I will say that Don Rickles was one of the funniest comedians of all time.
Craigg 19 days ago
You got 9 out of 10
Nothing to be scared of here — you did great!
RedSamRackham Craigg 17 days ago
* Also got 9 of 10. Missed that Carol Burnett Show one! ☺
Biff 19 days ago
I got 8 out of ten, I was paying attention to the background. The tent pole threw me off, I thought mash, but it was I dream of Jeanie and I missed the Beverlie Hillbillies one.
kidhickey 20 days ago
I Stunk Got 4 out 10 , i better not Quit my Day Job and go On Jeopardy , or yes i don't have a day job , i retired LOL .
Mob39 20 days ago
You got 5 out of 10 - Had no idea what shows he was on… Well I knew at least 5 lol
craigmoviedad 20 days ago
Rickles made the movie, "Run Silent, Run Deep"!!.
RedSamRackham 21 days ago
* Great actor & comedian. He could insult anyone in audience yet never used any ethnic slur. He made any televised roast fun to watch. ☺
DanielZabo 21 days ago
loved Don's comedy. also loved him when he appeared on the johnny carson show. Johnny would introduce him as "Mr. Warmth". Man you talk about two guys that cared for & respected each other it was those two. Rickles would always tell Ed McMahon that it wouldn't be long till he had Johnny's job. big laughs when those guys where sitting together. now all you get from the late night guys of today is having to hate the ex-president D.J.T. for their routines. there whole shows revolved around hating that man. shame what's happened to late night comedy these days. that's why i love watching MeTV for the CLASSICS.
RichLorn DanielZabo 18 days ago
I could be wrong, but I think it was Carson's show that always played the song of a matador entering the bull ring when Rickles came onstage.
DanielZabo RichLorn 15 days ago
yes RichLorn i think you are correct. but he also introduced him as Mr. Warmth followed by Matador song entrance. which Don would ham-up to the fullest.
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