Can you guess which decade these vintage Thanksgiving ads are from?

Warning: you may work up an appetite for Thanksgiving dinner while taking this quiz.


The Thanksgiving feast is something many people look forward to each year. Whether you love visiting the family, the main dishes, the side dishes or the desserts, there is something for everyone each Thanksgiving. 

These vintage Thanksgiving ads show everything from Jell-O desserts, a Hellmann's and cranberry recipie, turkeys and more! 

For this quiz you have two challenges: try to guess the correct decade for these vintage Thanksgiving ads and don't get too hungry!

  1. When did this Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade ad come out? Hint: It was the 62nd year for this annual parade.
  2. Mayo and cranberries anyone? Can you guess which decade this Hellmann's ad came out?
  3. Did your family ever add a little "bounce" to your Thanksgiving dinner? Take a guess on which year this Jell-O ad came out:
  4. Which decade do you think this Coca-Cola ad came out?
  5. When did this Swift's Premium ad come out?
  6. When did this Uncle Ben's ad come out? (Now known as Ben's Original)
  7. Need to save money on Thanksgiving? These Banquet meals only used to cost 98 cents. Which decade is this ad from?
  8. Thanksgiving isn't complete without some drink options. When did this ad for Wild Turkey come out?
  9. When did this vintage Thanksgiving ad come out?
  10. Finally, can you guess when this Miller High Life ad came out?

Can you guess which decade these vintage Thanksgiving ads are from?

Your Result...

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WayneKeith 19 months ago
50%. Those Banquet dinners were 99¢ for the longest time. They got a little smaller every few years but I could often find 5 for $5 deals just a few years ago.
ww245 20 months ago
Interesting quiz. I mostly looked at the ad and guessed lol. 7/10
timothys71 20 months ago
9/10--I made educated guesses on many of them just by looking at the overall style of the ads. I knew "Coke adds life" right away because I have been watching a lot of classic commercials on YouTube and have seen that slogan/jingle in several from the late 1970's.
scp 20 months ago
8 out of 10. The right answer was my close second choice both times.
Kooky2333 20 months ago

Was thrown off by #2; it looks disgusting!
BuckeyeBeth 20 months ago

After hitting refresh and trying again after getting an embarrassing 3/10 that is ☹️
Lacey BuckeyeBeth 20 months ago
And what better way to start your Thanksgiving weekend? Pass the Turkey ( # 8 )
Moverfan 20 months ago
Seven out of ten...and it's one-thirty in the morning...and now I'm hungry...
Lantern 20 months ago
The #2 ad should be in James Lileks' "Gallery of Regrettable Food".
Moverfan Lantern 20 months ago
Two and three. Disclaimer--I don't like mayonnaise and I don't like stuff in my Jell-O.
BuckeyeBeth Moverfan 20 months ago
You don’t even like a can of mixed fruit mixed in? I love plain jello but am also fond of a mixed fruit one since that’s what my aunt loved to make.
CarolKelley Lantern 20 months ago
#2 just looked revolting! It makes me think of the disgusting dish they'd serve in my kid's school cafeteria back in the Nineties called beetle cap or tomato aspic with mayo. Just no!
Moverfan BuckeyeBeth 18 months ago
Just give me plain old Jell-O...okay, you can put whipped cream on it. Or you csn just give me the container of whipped cream and a spoon. I'll let you have the mixed fruit--I never cared for it.
Barry22 20 months ago
7/10, Thanksgiving Dinner is Thanksgiving Dinner, no matter what decade it's from. Happy Thanksgiving to everybody!
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