Are these vintage television set ads from the '40s, '50s or '60s?

From TV size to picture quality, these ads from the '40s, '50s and '60s tried to maximize sales any way possible!

The box, the telly, the small screen, the TV. No matter what you call the thing that plays your favorite shows from MeTV everyday, there's no denying that television is a part of our everyday lives, and has been for decades and decades. 

With as much television we consume on a daily basis, it's hard to believe there was a time when advertising for television sets was a relatively new topic. Today, we get emails, see social media ads and even see commercials on the TV, about the TV! At one point in time, advertisements for television sets were fairly simple, but competition started to heat up in the Forties. 

We want to take you back to before, during and after the golden age of television, with these vintage ads! Can you guess what decade they're from?

  1. What decade was this ad from?
  2. What decade was this ad from?
  3. What decade was this ad from?
  4. What decade was this ad from?
  5. What decade was this ad from?
  6. What decade was this ad from?
  7. What decade was this ad from?
  8. What decade was this ad from?
  9. What decade was this ad from?
  10. What decade was this ad from?
  11. What decade was this ad from?
  12. What decade was this ad from?

Are these vintage television set ads from the '40s, '50s or '60s?

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RichLorn 3 hours ago
I never saw most of these. I was only reading comic books until 1959.
paulat0805 12 hours ago
7 out of 12 My dad bought a color set in the late 60’s so that he and mom could watch Lawrence Welk in color on Saturday nights! 😖
AlF 1 day ago
Hahaha! Fuzzy score!

TV is SO old-fashioned...
UTZAAKE 2 days ago
8/12; 2, 3, 6 and 12. Good quiz.
5. Easiest question because I've seen this ad so many times. Very memorable.
Dayna 2 days ago
LOL! I got 4/12 No Signal Available! LOL!
Moody 4 days ago
Wow, 5/12. I thought I'd do better.
JERRY6 5 days ago
6 of 12 just passed the 1940 ads got me
LoveMETV22 5 days ago
# 12 is humorous. What was GE thinking, Advertising their product with the back panel removed and clearly sitting in front of it doesn't scream reliability. LOL
CoreyC 6 days ago
My father loved the remote control televisions of the 1970's. ME!!!
Pacificsun CoreyC 6 days ago
Isn't it the truth!
ncadams27 6 days ago
If you watch the closing credits on The Honeymooners, you will see it was filmed using Dumont’s Electronicam system. The Dumont TV network started in 1942.
cperrynaples ncadams27 5 days ago
TRUE! They predated both ABC & CBS on TV! Sadly, a proposed merger with ABC fell through at the last minute!
Rick ncadams27 5 days ago
I love that in the Honeymooners credits! DuMont T-V (sic).
audie65 6 days ago
Loved the Fred Allen Allen's Alley reference in the Dumont ad!
cperrynaples audie65 5 days ago
Yep, but Allen NEVER appeared on the Dumont network! He had a game show called Judge For Yourself and was a panelist on What's My Line until his death in 1956!
Pacificsun 6 days ago
This is a fun quiz, as most of them are anyway. But what about the memories and stories that go along with those TV Sets. Who remembers their first one, and how old were you? What about the first show you watched or remember? What was the experience like?

Our's was in the Fifties, and even though there wasn't nearly enough money, my dad made sure there was a television set in the room. I remember Captain Kangaroo, Shari Lewis, Howdy Doody with a puppet (so creepy now). A developing an aversion to clowns! The room was dark and the picture like a window into another experience. That a kid would submerge themself into imagination that deeply was interesting. I have a feeling I was set before the TV to keep me busy and out of trouble. But it didn't matter. The real-people characters were like visiting friends (I assume) on a Saturday morning. We had a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th TV as models came along. And no color until the Sixties. Only because we were gifted one. And eventually (I confess) a TV in every room. Thank heavens for Flat Screens, digital transmission, and lots of features now.
AnnieM Pacificsun 6 days ago
I remember we had a B&W floor model when I was very small, that was probably there before I was. 😁 The earliest TV I can remember my parents buying was our first color tv in 1971-72 or so, so I'd have been around 7 or 8 years old. I don't remember the brand, but I do remember the smooth wooden cabinet, kind of a honey maple color. I kind of miss that, the TV set as (semi) fine furniture. 😊
Pacificsun AnnieM 6 days ago
It was nice of you to share, thank you.
Moody Pacificsun 4 days ago
We had a 20" black & white tv for years. Also, no outdoor antenna so we only got 2 channels reliably. The family didn't get a color tv until the Christmas of 1972 when I bought one for the family. Dad was thrilled, mom not so much.
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