Poll: Pick your favorite video game from these classic consoles

The video game era now spans 50 years and there is no shortage of classic games to choose from.


At-home video game consoles are undoubtedly a huge part of the entertainment world today. Millions of consoles are sold each year and the competition is fierce. Some of the world leaders include Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo.

The ultra-modern graphics and online capabilities certainly didn’t happen overnight. It took pver 50 years of innovation, experimentation and competition for video games to evolve into what they are today.

Through the decades, some classic video games have stood the test of time, and can even be found on the MeTV website! Some classic titles include:AsteroidsCentipede, andMissile Command, along with several others.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most successful and historic video game consoles from the early-Seventies through the mid-Nineties, paired with some of their best-selling games. Now, we’re letting you choose what your favorite games are! Make your selection for each system and see how similar you are to other gamers who take our poll.

Once you’re finished, give the joystick a flick, mash the action button and dust off any old consoles you have for some throwback video game fun.

Happy gaming!

  1. Starting with the console that started it all. What was your favorite game on the Magnavox Odyssey, which came out in 1972?
  2. Everyone played Atari’s Pong, but which version did you prefer? The arcade version released in 1972, or the at-home version released in 1975 exclusively in Sears stores?
  3. With the Pong craze still going strong, a change of pace hit the market with short-lived success. The Fairchild Channel F was released in 1976 and was the first cartridge-based console. Multiple games could be stored on cartridges or “Videocarts.” What game did you play on The Fairchild “Channel Fun?”
  4. Bringing several arcade games into your living room was the revolutionary Atari 2600. What was your go-to game on the Atari 2600, released in 1977?
  5. Mattel Electronics aimed to rival the Atari 2600 with the release of its Intellivision console in 1979. Though Atari certainly won the long game, Intellivision did have some success, with over three million units sold. Did you have a favorite game from this system?
  6. Released in the U.S. in 1985 was the Nintendo Entertainment System, eventually introducing the nation into Super Mario Bros. among other all-time classics. What was your favorite game?
  7. The SEGA Genesis became the company’s most successful console, selling nearly 30 million units. Released in 1989, the Genesis directly rivaled the Nintendo Entertainment System. What was your favorite game for the SEGA Genesis?
  8. A few short years after the Genesis was released, Nintendo came back with another smash success in the Super Nintendo, released in 1991! Of these best-selling games for the system, which was your favorite?
  9. In 1995, Sony got into the console craze with the original PlayStation. What was your game of choice?
  10. Nintendo decided to stick with a cartridge-based console in 1996 with the Nintendo 64. What game did you spend the most time playing?

Poll: Pick your favorite video game from these classic consoles

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SheriHeffner 22 months ago
I couldn't afford a video game system when I was old enough to work. Which would have been an Atari.
Muleskinner 23 months ago
89%. Most of my answers were none of the above.
KawiVulc 23 months ago
Heh... got 80% answering None Of The Above on every one plus Didn't Play Pong... they didn't list Boogerman or Vectorman for #7, both fun games.
Zip 23 months ago
77% similar.

I never really liked the games on Nintendo.
I loved my Sega Genesis and then Sony Playstation! Out of all of the games listed, Tomb Raider was probably my favorite. Although in the arcade I did love Dig Dug.
Rob 23 months ago
I never really got into video games. When I was a kid I wanted an Atari, but my parents wouldn’t buy one. They insisted that we kids go outside to play.
Zip Rob 23 months ago
Back when I was a kid, the games weren't that great, so even though we did get an Atari we still spent plenty of time outdoors.
BrianMoore 23 months ago
36% similar. Then again, this quiz wasn't meant for an older generation.
Inrodwetrust 23 months ago
How is there no donkey Kong for intellevison and no super techno bowl or mike tysons punch out for the nes and how is there no madden football for PlayStation and after?
cperrynaples Inrodwetrust 23 months ago
Donkey Kong and Madden are multiple platforms so you can't attach either to a specific device! I played Madden on both Super Nintendo & Playstation 2!!
hyppymom Inrodwetrust 23 months ago
I wondered that as well
Inrodwetrust cperrynaples 23 months ago
A few of the choices were available on multiple platforms techmo Super Bowl and mike tysons punch out were not
Catman 23 months ago
This one isn't for me, because I never caught the video game bug. This is not to say I never played, but I never really cared for games requiring hand/eye coordination. I bought a Sega, I bought a Nintendo, both for my kids to play, but aside from a brief interest in Zelda and Dragon Warrior type games, I left the stations to the kids.
Now I was in a hotel bar a long time ago, probably 1975, and they had a Pong table game. So you could sit and play pong and drink beer at the same time. I was not very good at Pong but I was definitely a skilled beer drinker. Too good, in fact.
(As a side note, I got sober in 1981 and have been so ever since.)
hyppymom Catman 23 months ago
I have my NES001 and Dragon Warrior 1-4! Good times!
CaptainDunsel Catman 23 months ago
Good on ya'!
Peter_Falk_Fan 23 months ago
82%. My favorite games:
Atari 2600 - Asteroids. I also played Joust and Berzerk a lot.
NES - Koei strategy games, esp. L'Empereur.
Sega Genesis - Koei's P.T.O. (Pacific Theater of Operations).
PlayStation (1 and 2) - Hard choice between the "Driver" series and the "Need for Speed" series.
Zip Peter_Falk_Fan 23 months ago
Loved Joust and Berserk, but pretty much the arcade versions. The home versions just didn't measure up to me.
I absolutely loved Driver. That is such a fun game. You could drive around forever if you wanted, and do a lot of damage(especially if you used the cheat codes)
vinman63 23 months ago
None of the Above is as popular as TBD
Runeshaper 23 months ago
70% similar

This quiz definitely took me back to some fond memories (-:
GioLovesMash 23 months ago
71 similar i play mario all the time
JHP GioLovesMash 23 months ago
any video game - whatever is your preference ; is a release and comfort zone - like comfort food:)
JHP GioLovesMash 23 months ago
its my opinion - and - its like rectal openings (for most) we all have one
The only time I play Mario is when I play Mario Kart with my nephew. It's a lot of fun.
JHP 23 months ago
thread readers for me

My all time fav game - (am 60+) and I still play it - its GTA SA - got the black coffee release
JeffPaul76 23 months ago
I'm 93% similar to the most popular responses.
JeffPaul76 JeffPaul76 23 months ago
I had the Sears version of the NES, and I also had a Game Boy. But that was it. Nothing now.
cperrynaples 23 months ago
A few comments: The only answer to 1 is "None of the above"! It was horrible! And how could you leave out Burger Time in 5? To quote Gomer Pyle, "Shame shame shame!"
CaptainDunsel 23 months ago
89% similar (to all the *other* NOTA-luvvin masses on here).
justjeff 23 months ago
Hmmm... 82% similar... to quote Arte Johnson on Laugh-In... " Verrrrry In-ter-es-ting!"
lynngdance justjeff 23 months ago
You bet your bippy! 😜
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