Can you guess which products these Carol Burnett kitchen commercials are spoofing?

The only thing catchier than a great commercial is a parody of a great commercial.


Everyone has a commercial or jingle that gets stuck in their heads. Carol Burnett knew that the best way to celebrate these iconic clips of television was to spoof them.

Imagine if some of these scenarios really did happen in your home: A giant pitcher of fruit juice pummels through your wall. An anthropomorphic bee compliments your choice in cereal. Either of those out-of-this-world situations would be a terrifying encounter.

The brilliant Carol Burnett Show sketch "TV Commercials" shows a woman tormented by commercials as her home is invaded by product mascots.

Now, see if you can keep the products straight in this skit filled with funny allusions. Give it your best shot!

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  1. This surprise visitor lets Carol know that she could use some Lady Shlik to prevent any unwanted underarm stains. What product is he peddling?
  2. You may recognize this celebrity parody from when he was encouraging you to add Grape Nut Cereal to your morning breakfast. Who is this supposed to be?
  3. If the packaging didn't give it away, the parade of paired-off people should. What brand of gum is Carol poking fun at?
  4. Wall Street big-shot E.F. Hutton is the basis for the joke in this part of the skit. What was his ad slogan?
  5. This household staple reminds Carol that she shouldn't squeeze it. What's Carol tearing to pieces?
  6. He's out to make sure you avoid that old, chunky peanut butter at all costs. Recognize this logo parody?
  7. "Floor wax so shiny, you can see your reflection in it!" What's the name of the floor cleaner that Carol uses to clean up the floor mess?
  8. Where does Carol find this unwelcome visitor in her bathroom?
  9. He introduces himself as the...?

Can you guess which products these Carol Burnett kitchen commercials are spoofing?

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Cougar90 10 months ago
It should have read, "remember the products that are being spoofed."
Cougar90 10 months ago
8 out of 9. I like the commercial spoofs. However, it takes me a few moments to remember the which products are being spoofed.
AnnaRentzVandenhazel 29 months ago
8/9 - I thought she was squeezing toilet paper (the right answer was bread) because of the Charmin commercials.
Yes, I almost selected tp, but then I looked again at the picture. Sneaky
Caretaker245 37 months ago
9/9... but.... wasn't it Mop-N-Glo? That's what I remember anyway.
The real product was, bur she obviously used a fake name for the sketch.
DerekBird 37 months ago
I got 9 out of 9
Nothing funny gets in your way! Well done!
ks 46 months ago
7/9...not bad considering how young i was when i saw most of these sketches
EllisClevenger 47 months ago
I got 7 out of 9
Nothing funny gets in your way! Well done!
Missed #7 and #9
forthekids 52 months ago
In two of those commercial spoofs..Poor Ms.Burnett gets one of those skits..Mr.Conway..plays a man from"Clorox"..who tells her"I'll give you $50.00 for that blouse that you're wearing"she tries to stop him..but..he proceeds to rip off her blouse and her skirt.In the second skit..the ensemble..comes and sing"The Union Label"jingle..and they strip poor Mr.Burnett..once again to her slip and stockings..and Mr.Conway removes her wig.
ks forthekids 46 months ago
the union label sketch really left an impression on me...all of those people march in at the end singing and start shucking off her clothes...then they leave her standing there in front of the audience stripped down to her underwear...and while she is trying to use her arms to cover up her wig gets stolen...very funny but kind of shocking too
booster 56 months ago
8/9 I thought #5 was spoofing Charmin.
Flash 56 months ago
8/9 I missed #2 .. Who the heck is Euell Gibbons? lol
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Flash sportster1988 55 months ago
If I were a woodchuck I might believe you.. lol
Angie Flash 55 months ago
I don't know either. Process of elimination - I was pretty sure it wasn't either of the other two.
Jon Flash 54 months ago
I thought the Euell Gibbons parodies were hilarious. I even remember laughing at a Euell Gibbons parody in the kids' magazine DYNAMITE. In this parody, cops came to lock up Gibbons' mouth after he ate most of a forest.
Flash Jon 54 months ago
I'm going to look on youtube to see if it is there. It sounds really funny. I love love love FUNNY
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