Can you guess which TV show the cast of The Brady Bunch is on?

The Bradys were busy with these roles of their own.

The Brady Bunch cast is pretty hard to separate from their iconic TV show. That must be why the entire cast would be asked to join variety shows over and over again. 

But all these actors also guest starred in roles entirely of their own, and these appearances occurred from the 1950s right up to shows in the 2000s.

Think you can guess all the best guest parts the Brady clan took on over time? Give it your best shot (and try not to break any vases) below!
  1. Christopher Knight showed up on which sitcom to be the Valentine of a series star?
  2. Susan Olsen became gravely ill on which Western?
  3. Ann B. Davis wept when her husband left her on which TV Western?
  4. One of Mike Lookinland's rare non-Brady roles found him playing a boy on the train on which show?
    Image: CBS Television Distribution
  5. They lassoed Robert Reed into playing the villain on which classic show?
  6. Barry Williams debuted a fictional new album on the radio program embedded in which 1990s show?
  7. They tapped Eve Plumb to play a TV mom of a cast member on which sitcom?
    Image: 20th Century Fox
  8. Christopher Knight's debut TV role was on this show, which, coincidentally, also frequently filmed at the Brady house:
  9. Maureen McCormick popped up twice on this 1960s show, playing a younger version of a series star:
    Image: Sony Pictures Television
  10. On this sitcom, Eve Plumb played a nun, who also happened to be the sister of a different star:
  11. Florence Henderson had so much class, she guest starred on this 1980s show 10 times:
  12. We saw Maureen McCormick become the unexpected sweetheart of a TV kid on which sitcom?
  13. Here's Robert Reed in a high-speed chase on which 1980s series?
  14. The Brady Kids appeared on lots of variety shows in the 1970s, but which children's show are they on here?
    Image: The Everett Collection
Can you guess which TV show the cast of The Brady Bunch is on?

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EdCaf 5 months ago
rycki1138 EdCaf 5 months ago
Lidsville was a Saturday morning kids show by Sid and Marty Krofft. The character pictured above was played by Charles Nelson Reilly. Most of the characters had giant hats that covered their entire heads, faces and shoulders and they lived in houses that looked like hats or helmets.
Geronimo 5 months ago
I guessed on Questions #13 & #14.........................14/14
dmak66 5 months ago
14/14, I guessed on Lidsville and the Robert Reed questions.
Geronimo dmak66 5 months ago
Same here
MrBill 5 months ago
13/14; missed only the Galactica 1980. Never watched that show.
Geronimo MrBill 5 months ago
Me too
Warren 5 months ago
We all loved jan on the Brady bunch
Geronimo Warren 5 months ago
Yep, I always was fond of her. I guess thats because we are both middle children
DIGGER1 5 months ago

You got 14 out of 14
PJM 5 months ago
10 out of 14.

Bobbo PJM 5 months ago
Same here.
Geronimo PJM 5 months ago
You got to do better than that
Duc 5 months ago
14 of 14!

SNEAK PEEK: Can you guess which 1990s shows these celebrities are on?

Jonathan Silverman appears as a cameo appearance on which Nineties TV show?

A. Grace Under Fire
B. Caroline in the City
C. Spin City

ANSWER: Caroline in the City
Geronimo Duc 5 months ago
Who cares
scp 5 months ago
12 out of 14, and I'm kicking myself for screwing up one of them.
Geronimo scp 5 months ago
you should
richardkel 5 months ago
12/14. Missed that 70's show and Lidsville. Never watched those. Never watched Galactica 1980 either, but used elimination of the other two to make a good guess.
MrsPhilHarris 5 months ago
Missed Galactica 1980 and That 70s Show.
anthony 5 months ago
14/14.πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒLast one was a complete guess.I never watched TBS or HRP,and never heard of Lidsville.#4 I got because there is a wagon behind them.Boy Cindy is really happy for me.
cperrynaples 5 months ago
13/14! Missed FOL! A correction on the last question: That shot was from a 1972 ABC special promoting The Brady Kids and Lidsville, not the show itself! Under all that makeup is Charles Nelson Reilly!
nerakr 5 months ago
14/14. But I did have to guess three or four times.
teire 5 months ago
11/14. Missed Lidsville and both Eve Plumb questions (Jan would see that as typical I am sure).
cperrynaples teire 5 months ago
Of course you got the Maureen McCormick questions right! It's always Maureen! Maureen, Maureen, Maureen!
SalIanni 5 months ago
Some of my favourite Brady roles not mentioned in the article:

Maureen McCormick - Happy Days - "Cruisin'" - Richie and Potsie go cruisin' for chicks and they find her giving Richie a face full of lipstick. The Bewitched and My Three Sons episodes were great too!

Eve Plumb - 1. Family Affair - "Christmas Came A Little Early" - Eve plays a classmate and friend of Buffy and Jody who only has a short time left to live so the Davises throw her a surprise early Christmas party. One of the best Christmas episodes of all time!

2. Here's Lucy - "Lucy and Donny Osmond" - Lucy invites her to see her idol Donny Osmond and agrees to have Donny autograph her album, which leads to a little misunderstanding between Donny and Kim (Lucie Arnaz).

Robert Reed - Family Affair - "Think Deep" - Cissy gets a huge crush on her new English teacher, who just happens to be Robert Reed with a terrible English accent. This was still a great episode.

Ann B Davis - Love That Bob - "Bob and Schultzy Reunite" - Ann was simply great in this series where she played Bob Cummings' secretary. Some people will even say they prefer her performance in this show than when she became Alice --- and she won 2 Emmys to prove it! My favorite episode is when she leaves Bob to find another job only to come back in hilarious fashion when both Bob and Schultzy begin to miss each other.
MrsPhilHarris SalIanni 5 months ago
Oh I liked the Happy Days episode.
daDoctah SalIanni 5 months ago
And then there was that 1989 episode of "Day By Day", in which series regular C.D. Barnes falls asleep watching a Brady Bunch marathon and dreams he's "Chuck", the forgotten Brady. The dream features appearances by Robert Reed, Florence Henderson, Maureen McCormick, Chris Knight, Mike Lookinland, and Ann B Davis. Six years later, Barnes would play Greg Brady in the Brady Bunch movie.
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