Can you guess which variety show Jim Nabors is on?

The multitalented performer was a frequent guest throughout the ‘60s and ‘70s.


Jim Nabors broke out on The Andy Griffith Show for his endearing portrayal of mechanic Gomer Pyle. The character was so popular, he got his own show – Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

The spinoff was a chance for Nabors to display even more of his talent. His amazing comedic instincts, not to mention a great singing voice, were a huge asset to the show.

But these talents were already familiar to fans of variety shows at the time. Nabors was a frequent guest on many shows, even dating back to the early '60s, before he was cast on The Andy Griffith Show.

Here are 10 variety shows, game shows and specials that Nabors appeared on. Can you guess which one is which?

  1. Here's Jim with Andy Griffith. What show was this?
  2. Here is Jim looking a bit too big for his britches. What show was this hilarious sketch performed on?
  3. What show is this?
  4. What classic 1960s game show is Jim on here?
  5. Here, he's on a game show in the 1970s. Which one is it?
  6. What show is Jim belting this tune on?
  7. What show is he singing on here?
  8. This was Jim's first appearance on television. Which show had that honor?
  9. Here's Jim looking like a proper host. What was it for?
  10. Finally, here's Jim getting introduced on what 1970s variety show?

Can you guess which variety show Jim Nabors is on?

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Dario 1 month ago
7 out of 10. 😁😁😁😁😁
Nayroo777 26 months ago
He is always been my favorite especially in gomer Pyle at US Marine corps, but I was watching him when I was a kid so that tells how old I was
Moriyah 40 months ago
It's been almost a year later, and now I got a 6/10! Which is a lot better than what I made last time!
Greg 47 months ago
One thing for sure in the "good old days" had anyone known he was gay his career would've been over.
gregg 50 months ago
Move it. Move it l can't hear you
dbalius 51 months ago
9/10...Neat trick showing Carol Burnett on Dinah Shore’s show...not.
MarthaWashington 51 months ago
Geeze, this quiz is pretty much blind. #3 duh, why choose Dinah, when they are showing him with Carol Burnette. Most pics are pretty much generic. Some of those shows were pretty much before my time, and how can you choose #1 it could be any of the three
dethLSMO89 51 months ago
Only got 3 out of 10 but after reading the comments I guess alot of people didn't do so well.
BillPfu 51 months ago
No Metv IN Denver CO . yet. I think we never see Metv again.
ELEANOR 51 months ago
He could have become an opera star or starred in a musical; but he became known for that wacky Southern accent.
TZ_TAGS_59NC ELEANOR 30 months ago
That wasn't a Southern accent, it was a character voice (Gomer) crafted by Jim.
Catman 51 months ago
Yet another stinker. 5/10. But I did recognize Louie Nye in #8!
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