Can you I.D. all these celebrities and movie stars on Barnaby Jones?

Many of them went on to Oscar acclaim!

Image: The Everett Collection

Pour yourself a tall glass of milk and put on your detective suit. 

Barnaby Jones had a plethora of famous faces — beyond the fact that it starred the former Jed Clampett and a former Catwoman. The casting agent on this 1970s crime series had a fantastic eye for talent.

Many of the guest stars went on to become acclaimed actors. See if you can recognize them — and some classic TV favorites!

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  1. Barnaby was pals with this other TV detective, and the shows crossed over.
  2. Recognize this sci-fi star in disguise? He played…?
  3. This "Brat Pack" actor became a tabloid regular in the 1980s. His breakthrough role was in this teen comedy.
  4. Look into his eyes. You know him best as…?
  5. You known him best as playing which character?
  6. He had the right stuff when he earned two Academy Award nominations in the 1990s.
  7. Pick the classic TV character this actor did NOT play.
  8. He would go on to star in which '80s TV drama?
  9. Pick the blockbuster sci-fi franchise featuring this actor.
  10. He appeared alongside Eddie Murphy in which franchise?
  11. Finally, you know her as which TV character?

Can you I.D. all these celebrities and movie stars on Barnaby Jones?

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TheDavBow3 2 days ago
I remember seeing, when I was a kid, that MAD Magazine did a parody of Barnaby Jones. They titled it, "Barnicle Groans". Very hysterical and spot on! 😂
TheDavBow3 4 days ago
10 of 11 for me. I missed the Ridgemont High one.
Dario 9 days ago
10 out of 11; missed the William Shatner one. ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️
Chevy59tom 24 days ago
You Forgot Lee Meriwether.
What a babe ! Miss America 1955
denny 25 days ago
Barnaby Jones is my favorite TV show at the moment. Surprising how good the stories hold up today.
MrBill 28 days ago
11/11; fairly easy one for me - a couple of them were a bit tricky but I got them right.
WilliamLAllen 28 days ago
10 out of 11- I missed Bill Bixby as David Banner (in the old Marvel cartoon series back in the 60's he was Bruce Banner).
denny WilliamLAllen 25 days ago
The tv show changed the name to David, because they thought Bruce Banner sounded gay.
Lacey 28 days ago
I am always amazed at how old Ed Harris is.
I did not know he was busy acting that far back.
ndebrabant 30 days ago
You got 10 out of 11
William Shatner in a beard? Now that is not something you see every day.
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