Can you I.D. these '80s movie musicals?

We're not sorry for getting these songs stuck in your head.

The '80s served up some truly monumental movies. With titles like Back to the Future and The Breakfast Club to boast, it's easy to understand why so many people refer back to these films as some of their favorites. The genre we're focusing today: movie musicals. 

This decade offered theatre-lovers some of the most iconic and inspiring stories of the decade. Believing in yourself while rocking a great leotard became a standard for admirers of the genre, and we can't blame them. Whether these shows started onstage or in front of the camera, we want to know if you can name these movie musicals. 


Now, just to be clear, not every movie on this list has characters singing songs. We've included movies that are dance-focused, but the soundtracks are so infectious that you can't help but sing along when you hear them. After all, can you really sing the song "Maniac" without having the urge to douse yourself in water over a chair?

We didn't think so. 

So grab your sweatbands and warm up those voices; can you I.D. these musical '80s musicals?

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  1. Name this musical. Here's a hint: This musical is famous for a gold, glittery finale number – a "singular sensation" for the ages.
  2. Name this musical. Here's a hint: Barbra Streisand made her directorial debut and sang the leading role in this movie that critics adored.
  3. Name this musical. Here's a hint: While there is not a sung number in this dance-focused movie, Kenny Loggins did sing its title number.
  4. Name this musical. Here's a hint: Brad and Janet Majors continue to have bad luck with doctors, and this time they can't time warp their way out of this musical sequel.
  5. Name this musical. Here's a hint: Gene Kelly makes his final film appearance in this movie musical, dancing like a pro but staying away from the roller skates.
  6. Name this musical. Here's a hint: Nobody puts Swayze in the corner! He's too busy dancing his way into our hearts.
  7. Name this musical. Here's a hint: You'll either "live forever" or "sing the body electric" when you remember this high-school based musical.
  8. Name this musical. Here's a hint: This musical is a concept album created by rock band Pink Floyd. It tells the story of Pink, a depressed rock star who struggles to manage his inner demons.
  9. Name this musical. Here's a hint: It's hard working two jobs, but what a feeling it is when you get a chance to audition for a prestigious ballet academy.
  10. Name this musical. Here's a hint: They're on a mission from God, and they have the power of R&B on their side.
Can you I.D. these '80s movie musicals?

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BretLeduc 6 days ago
Take your pants off!
And make it happen!
EllisClevenger 8 days ago
You got 9 out of 10
What a feelin'! You definitely know your '80s musicals.
Missed #8.
JeffTanner 10 days ago
''You got 7 out of 10'' -----------------Clearly you're cuttin' it lose! You're pretty musical savvy. Well done! Got 1, 4 and 8 wrong.
pw 20 days ago
9/10. Not bad considering I didn't see most of these movies (er, musicals).
Lacey 21 days ago
10/10 without breaking a sweat.
VickiProctor 22 days ago
Gene DID don the roller skates in Xanadu. Check out the finale!
MrBill 22 days ago
8/10; missed #1 and #4. I never heard of "Shock Treatment" and did not know there was a movie musical version of "A Chorus Line".
daDoctah MrBill 19 days ago
Figured "Shock Treatment" would trip up a few people. Can still remember Richard O'Brien doing promo interviews for it and saying "It's not a sequel. It's not a prequel. It's an equal."
UTZAAKE 22 days ago
4. Pictured is one of the greatest movie posters ever!
Joe 23 days ago
At least for me… it wasn't about seeing any of the movies. Rather, it was knowing their famous posters.
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