Can you identify all these singing TV characters?

Now this is what we call real musical talent.

Grammys, schmammys. If you want to see some singing skills, some true triple-threat performers, look no further than classic television.

Your favorite TV characters loved every opportunity to sing, dance or play an instrument.

Below, you'll find 24 memorable characters showing off their musical skills. Try to name 18 or more!
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  1. Who is singing and playing the piano here?
  2. Jam session! What's the name of the character playing on the right?
  3. What is the last name of this glamorous actress-singer?
  4. He was often showing off his singing voice.
  5. Who is this young teen idol?
  6. Who's doing the crooning in this shot?
  7. You likely know this character's name. But what was her name before getting married in episode one?
  8. Who is this actress belting out a big number?
  9. She truly had the voice of an Angel. What was her character's name?
  10. Who is this singing a memorable song to Kelly?
  11. Who is doing the Elvis impersonation in front of Laverne and Shirley here?
  12. What is the first name of this singing cowboy on the Ponderosa?
  13. Here he is singing the theme to 'Bonanza' — but he is certainly not on 'Bonanza.'
  14. Sometimes, you have to properly prep your vocal chords before singing, like this character.
  15. Sometimes you have to sing to yourself in the mirror, like this character. What is her first name?
  16. Who is this kicking his heel up in the saloon and singing?
  17. The studio is a happenin' place. Who is rocking the guitar here?
  18. Who is this jazzing up the place with some sweet sax?
  19. The old man has still got it. What is his character's first name?
  20. The son of the actress on the left has won four Grammys. But mom is no slouch. What is this character's name?
  21. Hogan is on drums. Who is on bass?
  22. You can make an instrument out of anything. What is the full name of the character blowing on the comb here?
  23. He's no Miles, but who is the character playing the trumpet in this scene?
  24. Finally, use your deduction skills to figure out the singer in red.
Can you identify all these singing TV characters?

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SheriHeffner 26 days ago
23out of 24. Last year I was watching this episode of Th Brady Bunch. When carol began singing Oh Come All Ye Faithful I sat there crying like a baby. I have never done this before watching an adult sing. I have though; watching sweet children singing in church or in school programs.
Claude 5 months ago
#8 doesn't look like Carol Burnett to me.... It does, however, look an awful lot like Vicki Lawrence. And since it couldn't have been either of the other two, I correctly picked Carol.
Geronimo 5 months ago
Piece of cake........................24/24
ErinWard 5 months ago
21/24. I wouldn't exactly call Mark McCain from The Rifleman a teen idol/icon. Alot of people have never even heard of him.
MrBill 5 months ago
21/24; missed 13, 16 and 21. Never heard of #13 and never cared for or watched Gunsmoke or Hogan's Heroes.
drnogerms 5 months ago
Michael51202800 5 months ago
I must have done so bad that it didn't even give me my score!!!
EllisClevenger 5 months ago
You got 24 out of 24
Way to belt it out! You have quite the set of pipes — and by "pipes" we mean the part of the brain that remembers television. We call that "pipes," too.
JeffTanner 5 months ago
I got 23 out of 24 -------------Got #7 WRONG!
teire 5 months ago
21/24, the melody lingers — sometimes.
cperrynaples 5 months ago
20/24! Missed 11 [seemed too obvious], 21 [2 actors played essentially the same role], 22 [mixed up Doc and Gopher] and 24 [why did you hide her face?] Fun fact: Bob Crane and Fred McMurray REALLY could play their instraments! Finally, all BB fans know the truly correct answer to 17 is Johnny Bravo...LOL!
anthony 5 months ago
23/24.Missed #23.Fun quiz.How bout The Fonz!There's been plenty of Impersonators of Elvis since he died.But how cool is the Fonz doing it when the King was still alive? 👍"Aaaayyy"👍
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