Can you match the correct TV dad to his kids?

Do you know fathers best?

Now this is what we call a "Pop" quiz.

We're going to give you the names of some TV kids. They're siblings. See if you can match the children to the correct dad!

Oh yeah, you're going to have to know their first names. Good luck!
  1. Opie & Andrew Jackson
  2. Lisa & Bart & Maggie
  3. Adam & Hoss & Little Joe
  4. Pebbles & Stony
  5. Pugsley & Wednesday
  6. Greg & Peter & Bobby
  7. Joanie & Richie & Chuck
  8. Elly May
  9. Tabitha & Adam
  10. Judy & Elroy
  11. Judy & Penny & Will
  12. Becky & Darlene & D.J. & Jerry Garcia
  13. D.J. & Stephanie & Michelle
  14. Kelly & Bud & Seven
  15. Mike & Robbie & Chip & Ernie & Dodie
  16. Wallace & Theodore
  17. Kimberly & Arnold & Willis
  18. Mike & Carol & Ben & Chrissy (and Luke, a bit)
  19. Mallory & Alex & Jennifer & Andy
  20. John-Boy & Jason & Mary Ellen & Erin & Ben & Jim-Bob & Elizabeth Tyler
  21. Buffy & Jody & Cissy
  22. "Princess" & "Bud" & "Kitten"
  23. Malcom & Francis & Reese & Dewey & Jamie
Can you match the correct TV dad to his kids?

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Mac 24 hours ago
FYI to those who questioned the Flintstone one. Stony Flintstone was an adopted son from a Christmas special.
cazefoyo 1 day ago

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MrBill 1 day ago
23/23; Fun and challenging quiz with a score that would make a dad proud.
LindaWilliams 1 day ago
You got 21 out of 23
That's a score that would make a dad proud! Well done.
bringbackWKRP 1 day ago
18 for 23. God bless all the dad's who took the time to love and raise their children. Please bring back WKRP soon.
Edward 1 day ago
A lot of these shoes I did not watch. My score reflects it.
garykevinware 1 day ago
18/23. Hey Ward, weren't you a little rough on the Beaver last night?
Tresix 1 day ago
23/23. How come for Ben Cartwright you used Hoss but for Ward Cleaver you used the boys' birth names? If you had used "Eric" instead of "Hoss", it would have been more of a challenge.
MaryMitch Tresix 1 day ago
Plus, they left out Jamie.
Don 4 days ago
24/24. Re: question #12: It's spelled "Conner", NOT "Connor".
Barry22 4 days ago
20/23, some of these did not make sense.
SheriHeffner 4 days ago
23 out of 23, but who was Stoney from The Flintstones?
BubbaPacha77511 4 days ago
23/23..... Crazy how many names u remember from tv
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