Can you match the Gilligan's Island plot to the episode?

Choose carefully, some plots seem to match multiple episode titles!


So many attempts to call for help, so many attempts to get off the island and so many plots unfolded on Gilligan's Island. It's safe to say, any attempt to get off the island was fair game, as plenty of silly, courageous and sometimes otherwordly plots took place across the show's 99 episodes. 

Can you match the correct episode title to the storylines given below? Take our quiz and find out!

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  1. Fearing for their lives, the castaways attempt to disarm a missile that has landed on the island in a Pentagon testing sequence called Operation Powder Keg, that was heard over the radio. What they don’t know is the missile ISN’T equipped with explosives!
  2. In what episode does Mr. Howell attempt to cheer up Ginger, who missed her debut performance as a lead role in a play, by letting her be the lead role in the island-version of the play?
  3. In which episode is it up to Gilligan to release the rest of the castaways, who have been taken prisoner by a headhunter (and not the one the Skipper portrayed!)?
  4. The castaways try to get off the island with a pair of cosmonauts (via submarine) in which of these space-oriented episodes?
  5. Gilligan becomes rich, granting him access to the Howell’s country club in which episode?
  6. What relationship-specific episode shows Mr. and Mrs. Howell arguing, while trying to positively depict their 20 years of marriage, a period that Mr. Howell calls “harmony and bliss”?
  7. In which episode, does the Skipper hit Gilligan in the mouth, mysteriously turning him into a functioning radio receiver?
  8. The castaways think there’s a burglar on the island after the supply hut is raided. The Skipper tries to convince the others there’s a far more spooky and otherworldly reason for the disappearance, but the real culprit turns out to be a monkey!
  9. While bowling with the Skipper, Gilligan is struck by lightning in which of the following episodes?
  10. Which episode results in Ginger having a doppelgänger that leaves the island in her boat, without the castaways?

Can you match the Gilligan's Island plot to the episode?

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SheriHeffner 23 months ago
10 out of 10. BTW when will Gilligan's Island come back on again?
bagandwallyfan52 24 months ago
When I hear the song called
Marianne I think about Mary Ann Summers Dawn Wells.
The Brothers Four sang this song called Marianne.
bagandwallyfan52 24 months ago
Mary Ann Summers Ginger Grant and Lovey Howell
Kergooliewyn 25 months ago
4/10 I'm seriously considering getting out of the quessing game. Or.... I could start paying attention to the titles.🤔
ClassicTVnut 25 months ago
5/10. Looks like I'm never leaving the island.
LH 25 months ago
I don’t remember any of these episodes having names, so I just made some guesses
bagandwallyfan52 25 months ago
Song is from the Original Pilot
which has Sherwood Schwartz
singing in Calypso .
John Gabriel played the Professor instead of Russell
Johnson and the other two
Characters were Bunny and
Ginger. Kit Smythe and Nancy McCarthy played the other 2
Characters.Dawn Wells and
Tina Louise were not in the
Pilot film.
I am happy that Professor Roy Hinkley (Russell Johnson) wasn't. eccentric like Professor
Pepperwimkle (Phillips Ted) on
The Adventures of Superman.
JimmyD 26 months ago
3/10 Back when I was watching this I don't think I even knew the episodes had names, much less that in the future I would be taking quizzes on a computer linked to the world.
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