Can you match these Andy Griffith Show characters to the right occupations?

Some were Mayberry locals, others caused a stir when they came to town.

Many characters on The Andy Griffith Show are defined by what they do for a living. It’s impossible to hear Andy, Barney or Floyd and not think of the occupations that go with each of those names.

We’ve collected main Mayberry residents along with a few one-off characters only the biggest Andy Griffith fans will know. Can you match each person to the right job?

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  1. Andy is Mayberry's...
  2. What is Barney's job title?
  3. Floyd is everyone's favorite...
  4. Cousins Gomer and Goober both worked where?
  5. Helen Crump is a...
  6. What political office did Roy Stoner hold?
  7. What is Howard Sprague's occupation?
  8. Hobart Tucker's job title usually comes before his name...
  9. John Masters directed the choir but also worked where?
  10. The title of Barbara Eden's episode gave away her character's occupation as a...
  11. Emmett Clark was Mayberry's...
  12. Malcolm Merriweather had a few jobs in Mayberry but originally held the very English job of...
  13. Allan Melvin played many different Mayberry characters but when Andy and Barney go to Raleigh, Melvin was a...
  14. Mr. Harmon was interested in Mayberry as a...
  15. William Christopher first worked for the IRS then came to Mayberry as a...

Can you match these Andy Griffith Show characters to the right occupations?

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Jimbarry45 3 months ago
Interesting that in your quiz you have a few characters from
the post-65 color episodes which ARE NEVER SHOWN!
Susan00100 26 months ago
13/15. It would've been 14, but the damned thing jumped when I clicked.
I gotta get an ad block!
VanHalen 27 months ago
13 / 15 - Not bad considering I was not a regular viewer of that show. Don' t watch it at ALL now.
RedSamRackham VanHalen 11 months ago
* MeTV shows same B&W episodes over & over & over. FGS MeTV, show ENTIRE series both B&W and color episodes from beginning to end of series!
flyrod22 27 months ago
15/15.Someone please, stop the bleeding.
Allison 27 months ago
14/15 got the last one wrong
AllisonWunderland 27 months ago
15/15 🤗 I zipped thru this one so fast Barney’s sidecar was left behind 😂
grandpa5741 27 months ago
Perfect, I did quite dandy on this Andy quiz.👍
Toot1956 27 months ago
Easy 15/15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MyLoveIainGlen 27 months ago
15 out of 15. This was so easy for me since I grew up watching the series and own all the seasons on DVD, still watch it faithfully on MeTV.
zman47240 27 months ago
14/15 Got the last one wrong, and honestly don’t remember his character.
richardkel zman47240 27 months ago
15/15. I only saw that episode once or twice, but I remember it. He was new in town and very young. The old doctor had moved away or retired, and nobody wanted to give the new guy a chance. Opie got sick, tonsils I think, and Andy let the new doctor take care of Opie. Then the town's people accepted doctor. He didn't become a regular character.
jerryleebandit 27 months ago
Missed 15, dont remember him on the show
HAMHAMabi 27 months ago
15/15 dint know what rev tuckers 1st name was. i honestly didnt think his character had 1.
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